How+Is+Weather+Formed+2 - brs-rm19-2012

Weather is formed by
different currents of hot and
cold air masses and moisture
patterns .Hot air rises and
cold air descends .As this
happens it can create rotations
in the atmosphere and move
areas of moisture which
creates weather.
The sun moves across the sky but not
because it is moving but because the
earth is spinning and allows us only
to see the sun for about 15 hours a
The pressure of fluids inside you
matches the pressure of the
The weather is made by the sun
heating up the air which surrounds
the earth.
Lightning is a burst of energy in form of
a lightning strike. Lightning is formed
when electrical charges in the air build
A hurricane is a ring shaped storm that is the
most dangerous type of storm on earth
Tornados are violent
rotating columns of air
extending from a
A tsunami is a enormous amount of water
which floods in to one place. wiz
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