Isse Kam Daam Mein

501. Synergy Award
Tata Sky - Isse Kam Daam Mein
The DTH brand Tata Sky wanted to woo the price wary Indian consumer into
buying or switching to their brand by positioning itself as the ‘Isse Kam Daam
The objective was to connect instantly with the consumer by participating in
their life cycle through the medium of OOH and generate buzz. We cracked an
innovative route to communicate this in an effective way. To communicate the
message that Tata Sky is inexpensive we decided to take the ‘comparison’ route
wherein we compared the price of Tata Sky DTH with items like fruits, snacks,
price tags on sweets etc..
Since food articles are perceived to be the low cost basic necessities, Tata Sky
decided to use them as a benchmark to portray them as the lowest in cost.
Taking this thought ahead we decided to use these food items in their natural
retail environment as ambient OOH media. We branded Apples, pears and
oranges with stickers saying ‘Isse Kam Daam Mein’ – which directly denoted
the message that Tata Sky is less in price than an Apple or a Pear.
Similar activities were done at various sweet shops- the price tags of the
sweets were replaced with the slogan of TATA Sky and at Cinema Halls were
the samosa tray was used as a medium of branding and conveying the message
–‘ Isse Kam Daam Mein’. Mobile media like auto rickshaws and cabs were also
used to denote that the TATA Sky DTH is more affordable than the auto or cab
The message’ Isse Kam Daam Mein’ connected with the consumers instantly as
the Ambient advertisements are effective means at pushing a brand message
in front of consumers and can develop even better top of mind recall within
target audiences. The campaign due to its innovative approach created buzz
and talkability such that competing brands wouldn’t want to do a similar thing.
We also managed to reach out to over 10000 fans. It helped in producing mass
attention in centralized locations, and directly interacted with consumers
during their normal every day activities.