Science and urban life (late 1800*s to early 1900*s)

Science and urban life
(late 1800’s to early 1900’s)
Name two technology advances that
helped make cities more livable?
• Technology such as elevated trains, sky
scrapers invention of elevators and steel.
• Elevated or el trains and sky scrapers, help
save a lot space.
Name two inventions that helped
change the world of communications?
• Kept areas from getting congested, advances
in printing, mill produce cheap paper, high
speed printing presses were available making
newspapers and magazines more affordable.
Key terms
Louis Sullivan-was the skyscraper architect
Wright brothers-they build the first airplane
Daniel Burnham-design the flat iron building
George Eastman-invented the kodak camera
Frederick Law Olmsted-a journalist and
farmer, he lead the movement for plan city
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