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Advent means “coming”.
• Prepare for Jesus’ birth.
Advent Wreath
Advent Wreath
• Evergreen Color: tells us that God never
• Circle Shape: circle shape means God has
no beginning and no end.
• Candles: one for each week of Advent.
– Three Purple and one pink.
• The Pink Candle is for the third week because we are
very close to Jesus’ birth.
– In some churches, an extra candle is added-called the Christ Candle.
Advent Wreath
Jesse Tree
The family tree of Jesus.
• Jesse was a man from Bethlehem.
• One of his son’s was King David.
• God promised that The Savior would
come from King David’s family.
Jesse Tree Symbols
Jesse Tree Symbols
• Symbolizes Adam
and Eve.
• They disobeyed
• He loved them and
promised to send a
Jesse Tree Symbols
Ark and Rainbow:
• Symbolizes Noah.
• God sent a flood.
• Noah built an ark to save
his family and 2 of every
kind of animal.
• God promised he would
never again destroy the
earth with a flood.
• God put a rainbow in the
sky to show His promise.
Jesse Tree Symbols
• Symbolizes Abraham.
• God chose him to be the
father of the Jewish people.
• God said he would have as
many children as stars in
the sky.
Jesse Tree Symbols
Many-Colored Coat:
• Symbolizes Joseph.
• Jacob had 12 sons. His favorite
was Joseph.
• His brothers were jealous.
• They sold him to Egypt as a slave.
• He became friends with the
• He had stored crops so the
Egyptians would not starve.
• Jacob sent his sons to ask for
food. Joseph forgave his brothers.
Jesse Tree Symbols
10 Commandments:
• Symbolizes Moses.
• The Pharaoh made all
Jewish people slaves.
• God sent Moses to lead His
people to freedom.
• God gave the 10
Commandments to Moses.
Jesse Tree Symbols
• Symbolizes King David.
• David had been a shepherd
• He grew up a wise and kind
• God promised the Savior
would come from King
David’s family.
Jesse Tree Symbols
• Symbolizes Joseph, father
of Jesus.
• Joseph was chosen by God
to be the foster father of
• He was a carpenter who
loved Mary and Jesus.
Jesse Tree Symbols
Flower, rose:
• Symbolizes Mary.
• God chose Mary to be the
mother of Jesus.
Jesse Tree Symbols
• Symbolizes Jesus Christ.
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