The History of Cosmetology Power Point

“History of Cosmetology”
Cosmetology is a term used to encompass
a broad range of specialty areas,
including hairstyling, haircutting, esthetics
and manicuring.
Studies have show that haircutting and
hairstyling have been practiced in some
form or another as early as the Ice Ages.
Women of the 16th Century
During the 16th
Century women
plucked or shaved
their hairlines to give
the illusion of having
higher foreheads.
Julius Caesar dies – 44 B. C.
Marlon Brando’s
(Julius Caesar)
combed forward,
hairstyle was later
duplicated by other
stars like Steve
McQueen, Paul
Simon and George
2,300 year old body found
In 2003 a prehistoric
body was found in a
bog outside Dublin,
with a Mohawk
haircut held in place
with gel and
according to
scientists was
imported from
1898 - “Queen Nefertiti”
In 1898 a mummy
with its head
shaved, later
thought to be
“Queen Nefertiti”
was found in Cairo.
Members of royalty
shaved their heads
to eliminate lice and
wore wigs instead.
1958 - Elvis Presley
In 1958 Elvis Presley
had his Pompadour
hairstyle buzzed to a
crew cut after he
was drafted into the
army; the trim he
received was
featured in a
1962 -The Beatles
In 1962 the Beatles
manager fired the
original drummer,
Pete Best for
refusing to adopt
the band mate's
“Mop-Top” haircut.
(Pete’s hair was actually too
curly for the style)
1967 – Mia Farrow
In 1967 there were
110 photographers
in attendance when
Vidal Sassoon gave
Mia Farrow her
$5,000.00 Gamine
haircut for the movie
Rosemary’s Baby.
1972 – Paul and Linda
During the 70’s Paul
McCartney and his
wife Linda grew
their hair out into a
The Cowsills
a famous rock group of the
70’s did a song called “Hair.”
1980 - Grace Jones
In 1980 the singer
Grace Jones
displayed her
“Flattop” on the
cover of her album
Warm Leatherette.
1994 – Meg Ryan
In 1994 Sally
Hershberger gave
Meg Ryan a “messyon-purpose” Shag
for the movie French
2003 – Imports from India
$62.5 Million is the
value of India’s
human-hair exports
in 2003, much of
which came from
hair offerings made
at Hindu temples.
The imported hair is
used in wigs and
hair extensions.
2004 – John Edwards
John Edwards paid
$1,250.00 for ONE
haircut he received
from hairstylist
Joseph Torreneva
during the 2004
presidential race.
2005 – Parents polled
In 2005 83% of
parents polled said a
new haircut before
the start of school
improved their
child’s confidence.
80% of the donors
to the ‘LOCKS OF
LOVE” organization
which provides wigs
to children suffering
from Alopecia are
children under the
age of 18.
$61.99 Cost of Manikin
The cost of a “Miss
Suzie Kin” a human
hair manikin from
Sally’s Beauty
Supply is
$61.99 (Retail cost)