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Trilogy: A Tale of
Three Friendships
Greetings. I invite you to download this free
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3 short humorous stories accompanied by
comments on Northern culture enjoyed by 650
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Target audience is 160 million students worldwide
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Discover the origin of the term “COOL”
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April 13, 2015
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April 13, 2015
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April 13, 2015
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April 13, 2015
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April 13, 2015
The Trilogy contacts:
Sam McGee / Hong Bai Lan / Abdul Abulbul Amir
Book size:
Kuala Lumpur:
Denis Braun of Zug Switzerland
5 1/2 x 8 1/2. About 160 pages.
Text and color illustrations.
[email protected]
Skype: Megazebo or e-mail
603 2144-7628
Author / Concept: Denis Braun of Zug Switzerland
A Swiss-Canadian businessman
living in Asia
Sam Character:
Costume: Fur coat, hat, & boots.
Theme: Bitter Cold + 100 jokes
Published by:
Purgatory Press. KL Malaysia
Printed in:
Shenzhen China
April 13, 2015
Trilogy Theme and Format
Theme for Tale 1 and Tale 2: Both main characters sense their
imminent demise and make final requests to their chums who
unexpectedly find themselves under pressure to fulfill their vows.
Both main characters have different concepts of death, paradise,
and the most favorable conditions in which to enjoy the Great
Format: 1. Sam McGee is a 16 stanza English poem edited from the
original by Robert Service; and describes Sam’s demise on the
Dawson Trail in 1905.
2. Then, I wrote a short 15 stanza (short chapter) story about the
demise of Hong Bai Lan in the Wuhan steel mills in China around
3 . Finally I consolidated, edited, and expanded an old war tale
written by Percy French in 1877. A total of 29 stanzas
April 13, 2015
The Three Friendships
The first tale is about the demise of Sam McGee from Tennessee
while dog sledding in 1905 on the Dawson Trail in Yukon Canada. It
is narrated by his best friend Cap. Cap later told the story to his bank
manager in Whitehorse a Mr. Robert Service. Service then published
it as a poem that was read and loved my millions of Northern people
who all know the sensation of Bitter Cold.
I wrote the second parallel tale about the demise of Hong Bai Lan
from Chang Bai Shan in China while working in a Wuhan steel mill. It
is narrated by his best friend Yang Dong. Dong’s grandson , Yang
Dong Xu told fragments of the story to me in the bar at the Chang
Bai Shan Hotel in Jilin on a bitter cold December evening in 1985. I
have refined the plot over the years .
The third tale is for contrast. It is the antithesis of friendship and
depicts a perennial fight between 2 great warriors and veterans of
the Russia-Turk war of 1854. Abdul Amir and Ivan Skavar
It is now my pleasure to document these 3 tales as part of my
memoir of a grand life; a large part of which was spent in East Asia.
© Denis Braun aka Sam McGee CH 2010
Tale #1 The Sam McGee Prologue
Sam McGee knows Biter Cold is a 1905 tale of
friendship between 2 trappers while dog sledding on the
Dawson Trail in Yukon Canada. While checking their trap
lines, Sam McGee falls ill and makes a last request to his
best friend Cap. It is a tale of endurance and innovation
by Cap in his quest to fulfill the promise he has made to
his best friend. Cap narrates the events and later
relayed them to his bank manager in Whitehorse …. one
Mr. Robert Service. Service drafted the story into a
rhythmic poem that he published in 1907. Fame,
fortune, and notoriety followed.
April 13, 2015
Sam McGee, Cap, & Robert Service
Whitehorse Hotel Lobby 1903
Writer Robert Service
Cap the Trapper
Sam and his
trophy black bear
April 13, 2015
Excerpts: Tale #1 Sam McGee on Bitter Cold
Sam McGee knows Biter Cold is a 1905 tale of friendship between
2 trappers while dog sledding on the Dawson Trail in Yukon Canada.
Sam McGee falls ill and makes a last request to his best friend Cap.
Complete poem in the Appendix
12. Then I took a hike, for I didn't like
To hear him sizzle so.
And the heavens scowled, and the huskies howled,
And the winds began to blow.
It was Bitter Cold, but the hot sweat rolled
Down my cheeks, and I don't know why,
And Sam’s greasy smoke in an inky cloak
Went streaking down the sky.
13. I do not know how long in the snow
I wrestled with grisly fear.
But the stars came out, and they danced about
Until again I ventured near.
I was sick with dread, but I bravely said,
"I'll just take a peek inside.
I guess he's cooked, and it's time I looked",
April 13,
2015the door I opened wide.
14. And there sat Sam, looking cool and calm
In the heart of the furnace roar.
And he wore a smile you could see a mile,
But he said, "Please close the door.
You see it's fine in here, but I greatly fear
You'll let in the cold and the storm.
Since I left Plumtree down in Tennessee
It's the first time I've been warm."
16. But even stranger things are done in the morning sun
By the men who Hunt for Seal;
The Newfoundland trails have their secret tales
That would make your gonads squeal;
The California Lights have seen queer sights,
But the queerest they ever did see
Was that night in the Spa up in Snowbird Utah
I exfoliated Miss Pamela Lee.
Edited Version © Denis Braun CH 2009
Origin of the word “Cool”
We applaud Robert Service as the first writer in history to coin term
“Cool” in it’s modern context. (Appendix Stanza 14 line #1): “And
there sat Sam looking cool and calm in the heart of the furnace roar.”
for the reader, it is the perfect mental image of Sam looking
composed, detached, indestructible, philosophical, assured,
coolheaded, placid, impassive, quiet, low key, and nonchalant.
Robert Service is the original and sole inventor of “COOL”
In 1907, who could have known Cool would become an icon in global
verbal communication. To verify this discovery, I invite you to listen
Robert Service himself reciting his own poem in a 75 year old CBC
audio tape at Search Sam McGee
It’s my honor to expose this literary milestone and now I challenge
literary historians to prove otherwise.
As for Friendship? Well it appears to be the simple key cornerstone
of human society. It results from a majority of people adopting stern
codes in their behavior, performance, and expectations. Cool.
April 13, 2015
Last photo of Sam taken by Cap
December 1905 on the Dawson Trail before Cap stuffed him into the boiler
fire of the wrecked fishing boat the “Alice May”. He preserved his fur coat.
April 13, 2015
The stories of Sam McGee and Hong Bai Lan appear
separately on Jackets, Shells, Eiderdowns, Sleeping
Bags, and Equipment Bags sold at
April 13, 2015
Sam’s Original Cabin: Built in 1899.
Visited by Robert Kennedy in 1965.
April 13, 2015
Inside the Cabin was Sam’s “Man Room”
Leather furniture, plank floors, saddle seat bar, moose head, log fireplace,
barber chair, bunk bed, poker table, antler coat rack, and his lead Husky.
Sam McGee “Man Cave” suites
for luxury and casino hotels
A uniquely furnished hotel suite with the total Sam McGee frontier theme.
Total cost estimate: Range: $18,000 to $48,000. We supply the full package.
1. Heavy leather furniture with wood trim and cow or seal hide.
2. Old scared wood coffee tables and lamps. Boots up boys !!!.
3. King size 4 post wood bed with Sam’s eiderdown and sheep skin.
4. Antique wood plank floor and cedar walls. Extra bunk beds.
5. Bar with saddle-seat leather stools. Seal skin boots and huge fur coat
6. Poker table with Sam logo chips, cards, and leather chairs
7. 3 big screen TV’s for watching simultaneous sports with buddies.
8. Beer cooler. Pinup calendars. Old skin magazines. XXX CD’s
9. Log fireplace (real or imitation). Remington sculptures.
10. Antler coat racks with old style fleece hunting jackets. Bathrobes.
11. Wall prints of northern lights, indian art, animals, wilderness.
12. Stuffed husky dog or Siberian tiger mascot. Pot belly stove. Baked beans.
13. Moose head, deer head, sword fish, or buffalo head on the wall.
14. Wagon wheel chandeliers. Northern Lights wall show.
15. Gun rack and fishing tackle cabinet. Cigars. Comp copy of the Trilogy
16. Antique leather barber chair and barber pole. In suite shave service.
Sam McGee Brand
Sam McGee (R)
Swiss 721 BLK
Original Sam:
Klondike gold prospector 18601905. Rugged male pioneer from
the far North
Persona Sam:
Denis Braun of Zug Switzerland
A Swiss-Canadian businessman
and writer living in Asia
Original Book
“A Tale of Three Friendships”
Sam McGee. Gold hunter.
Lived in Yukon Territory Canada.
12 countries including Canada,
USA, Scandinavia, Germany, CH,
Russia, China, Japan, and Korea
Theme: Bitter Cold + 200 jokes
Cultural and moral hook
CD’s. Slide Show. Sound effects.
Sam McGee Fashion Fur.
Brand Products
Sam McGee is a registered Brand Name in China and America.
Existing products: Sam McGee Bitter Cold clothing. Jackets, sleeping bags,
sheets, blankets, shells, footwear, head gear, jeans.
Hong Bai Lan Extreme Heat clothing. Summer clothing.
Electric Motor Scooter promotion
High performance bicycles.
Refrigerators, coolers, ice machines, and freezers.
Beverage and beer promotion.
Hotel Rooms: Sam McGee “Man Room” Complete decoration.
Vehicle editions. Sam McGee interiors
Cold climate pick-ups, automobiles, trucks and snowmobiles.
Beer wine water cola and liquor
Travel agencies
Hotel / motel chains.
Food items.
The Original Sam McGee in 1903
Modern Sam McGee TM 2011
Life is not all work in the North
Seal on the Barbie (Australian for BBQ)
April 13, 2015
The Culture of the North
Cultural Hook. Northerners (people living above or below 40
degrees latitude) have many things in common and some
differences. But they ALL know the feeling and sensation of
Bitter Cold.
Moral Hook. There are 2 moral messages in the Trilogy.
1. A friend’s last need is a thing to heed. (something to respect)
2. A promise made is a debt unpaid.
Cool Sunglasses
They are expensive fashion
items for trendy Southern
Sunglasses are critical protection
for people above the Arctic Circles
to defend against intense ice glare
in summer.
April 13, 2015
Northern Art and Sculpture
April 13, 2015
Excerpts: Tale #2.
Hong Bai Lan from Chang Bai Shan
Hong Bai Lan from Chang Bai Shan is a 1910 parallel tale of friendship
between 2 adventuresome Chinese from the North who escape the bitter
cold of Winter for the sand beaches, palm trees, warm winds, evening
breezes, and miniskirts in the South of China. It is a tale of endurance and
ingenuity in a quest to fulfill Lan’s dying request.
4. In Canton, the Western name for Guangzhou, they both quickly made
small fortunes; Dong as an export trader in Kangxi porcelain; and Lan
designing and building small house boats that plied the Pearl River. Both had
a common friend and client …. a medical doctor and political activist who
had just returned from Japan. His name? Sun Yat Sen. Lan built him a
custom river craft, and Dong catered to his hobby of collecting Qing dynasty
porcelain. Every month or two, Dr. Sun would cruise up to Guangzhou from
his home in Xiangshan (later Zhongshan 80km south of Guangzhou) and
happy times would prevail.
11. Upon arrival in Harbin, Dong buys a horse cart; finds an ice factory; and
buys 2 huge rectangular blocks of clear ice (clear ice is made from distilled
water just as it is today to carve magnificent ice statues during the annual
Harbin Ice Festival). Then he chisels out the core; sandwiches Lan between
the two blocks; and wraps the entire ice coffin with layers of straw mats 29
April 13, 2015
from the local wheat fields.
Kangxi Porcelain
Qing dynasty period. 1644-1911
(All but one. Guess)
April 13, 2015
Lan and Dong with Sun Yat Sen
The exquisite vase on
the table stayed in
Yang Dong’s family
for years until his
great grandson had it
sold at auction in
England in 2010.
The winning bid was
$83,000,000 US
April 13, 2015
Polar Swim: A New Years Day Tradition
Northerners are tough.
From Solo divers in Siberia Russia, to
massive revelers on Coney Island
New York, Harbin China, and
Vancouver Canada.
April 13, 2015
Roman numerals. Vertical
strokes. Sort them.
The Abacus
Knock-off watch faces
still made high and
deep in the Swiss alps Chinese. Horizontal strokes.
Arabic numerals.
Adopted first by
Western countries.
Now universal.
April 13, 2015
Based on ancient
Arab algorithms and
the number of angles.
Count each dot.
Moral Hooks in the 2 Tales
Discover the two lines in Sam McGee and Hong
Bai Lan that express the moral compass of most
“A man’s last need is a thing to heed”
Stanza # 6
Paragraph 9
“A promise made is a debt unpaid”
Stanza # 8
April 13, 2015
Paragraph 10
Cultural Hooks in the Tales
All Northerners know bitter cold no matter what their race,
culture, language, diet, skin color, or ethnic group.
Each Fall and Winter, we all spend countless hours
dreaming about how to escape the cold and go “South”
Combating cold is an integral part of Northern culture.
Nature can be life-threatening.
Hope and expectation surround each of the 4 seasons.
Temperature extremes mean a daily consciousness of
clothing options; and the weather is the opening topic in
most casual conversations.
For 4 winter months a year, white and grey are the
predominant outdoor colors. That’s why the Northern
Lights are so revered. Its like going to a drive-in movie
theatre every night without the hassle of a car !!!
April 13, 2015
Excerpt from Tale #3: Abdul Abulbul Amir
Abdul Abulbul Amir is a tale of a very awkward and
latent friendship between 2 veteran legendary warriors of
the 1854 Russian-Turkish War.
25. "Well, you think I'm a coward?" said Ivan Skavar
"Step forth and I'll slice off your ear"
"Oh, son of a cat, you'll never do that"
Warned Abdul Abulbul Amir.
26. So once more they battled and fought as before
The multitudes returned from afar
And lauded with cheers these bold buccaneers
This Turk, and this Russian Hussar
15. And still today a Muscovite maiden her lone vigil keeps,
Beneath the light of the cold Northern star,
And the name that she murmurs in vain as she weeps,
Is Ivan Slavinsky Skavar.
April 13, 2015
Russia – Turkey
War in 1854. The
Black Sea divided
their land mass.
April 13, 2015
Russian Hussars
April 13, 2015
Last photos of Abdul Abulbul Amir
and Ivan Slavinsky Skavar
April 13, 2015
Jokes about Bitter Cold
(100 more in the Appendix and on
Sam, How cold does it get in New York ? It is so cold that
the Port Authority re-configured the Statue of Liberty so
she is holding the torch under her robe.
Sam, How cold does it get in Harbin ? It is so cold that
when you step into the shower and turn the taps on; it
starts to hail !!!
Sam, How cold does it get in Toronto ? It is so cold that pet
stores only sell penguins and baby seals. !!!
Sam, How cold does it get in Sapporo ? It is so cold that
sushi is placed into round dough, folded, crimped, and
boiled as dumplings !!
April 13, 2015
Sam’s Cake and Coffee CD Promotion Program.
For AKON radio plus all radio stations and web sites participating in
the program. Personal visits by Sam McGee in costume.
poster for you to print and display
A Tale of 3 Friendships: The Trilogy
Interview or Program
10-40 minutes
Sam McGee Bitter Cold + Discussion
Abdul Abulbul Amir + Discussion
Jokes / Dissections / Northern culture.
April 13, 2015
8 min
8 min
4 min
10 min
The Trilogy will generate 20 more
Cake n’ Coffee novels
April 13, 2015
Spinning Cake n’ Coffee CD’s
How one story can breed 10-15 more.
Hong Bai Lan from “A Tale of 3 Friendships”. 16 sub plots and new novels / CD’s.
1. Hong Bai Lan discovers a new grove of Korean Pine and hires a crew to cut.
2. Yang Dong opens a new restaurant and must find wild ginseng and boar for the menu.
3. Dong gets lost guiding a famous photographer seeking Siberian Tigers.
4. The vagabond life on the steam train experience to Shanghai
5. Adventures in the kitchen of the Astor house hotel in Shanghai 1915
6. The city tour upon their arrival in Guangzhou New pace, culture, landscape, digs.
7. Story of Kangxi porcelain and Yang Dongs shop.
8. History of the Chinese Junk and the innovations introduced by Hong Bai Lan
9. A weekend with their common friend and client Sun Yat Sen from Zhongshan.
10. Dongs skill using the abacus. Secrets of its history and use.
11. Wild living in Guangzhou leads to bankruptcy.
12. Getting jobs as stokers in the Wuhan steel mill where Lan falls fatally ill.
13. The trek back to Harbin with Lan’s corpse hidden in a flower scented steamer trunk.
14. Building an ice coffin and trekking to the Heilongjiang River (Russia)
15. The river burial of Hong Bai Lan, the drunken aftermath, and the return to the River.
16. The final send-off of Hong Bai Lan to Paradise and his annual memorial at the Harbin
Ice Festival.
April 13, 2015
Hong Bai Lan Chinese Text
Chinese Edition Tale #2
The Tale of Hong Bai Lan
2. 白兰性情坚毅,却总抱怨长白山夏日炎炎,冬季酷寒,一心向往四
3. 白兰有位知心好友,他的名字叫杨东,杨东做厨师,在当地开餐馆
3. 在广州,这西方人唤作Canton的地方,白兰和杨东很快发了小财。杨
4. 可是,后来,两人都没有了钱,赌博、醉酒、玩“双胞胎”牌戏、和
5. 谁都知道武汉那地方热死人,在亚洲,人们管它叫“中国的火炉”。
6. 一个酷热难当的午后,白兰轮下午的班,他跟杨东说,他病得难受,
7. 他让杨东把他滚烫的身子送回中国最北端的黑龙江省;封冻在透明的
湖,那世界上最古老、最冰冷、最大且最深的淡水湖。 那样,天堂里的
8. 朋友的遗愿不容轻视,杨东答应了下来,然而,可怖的是,白兰第二
9. 忽然间,杨东意识到他给好友白兰许下了重诺,一个必须信守的承诺
10. 到了哈尔滨,杨东买了辆马车,找到一家冰厂,买来两块巨大的长
11. 他驾着马车,一路向北,又走了五天,来到俄罗斯边境,那黑龙江
12. 次日晌午,杨东醒来,恐惧令他战栗,他决定回水湾处看看白兰是
13. 杨东吓坏了,可是,白兰却冲着伙伴喊,说他好着呢。“我们离开
14. 白兰的秸秆筏子慢慢漂远,漂入江弯处的水雾苍茫中。依稀中,它
克奇(Sam McGee),山姆在向白兰招手。两颗灵魂将在天堂开始他们
Epilogue 尾声:
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