Assigning ESN final

Procedure for Assigning ESN
after releasing it through ESN
release tool
In Manage Inventory select the Inventory Lines
as Tamilnadu CDMA ESN Type
Select the Inventory Type as
Tamilnadu CDMA ESN Type
In Identifier put the ESN which was released
through the ESN release tool
Then, enter the correct Sales Channel
Don’t select anything in
Container Type
Then, click Search
After search …the page will come like this …
In actions click Assign
The Assigned ESN will, now, appear in
the Inventory
Then, Click Close
Then Click Next
Then, Click Finish
Then… Goto Orders … commit it from level
2 user and complete the order
How to release ESN/MDN
Login to
Click ESN Release or MDN Release
In User ID and Password give your OM-CDMA
complaints manager User ID and Password
5) In FX User ID put your first login Kenan FX User ID
(Here If you find, any difficulty kindly contact the
CDMA OM section, Trichy) (CDMA-OM section Contact
information is given below)
Do’s and Don’ts
1) During the ESN swap the working ESN should
be unassigned first.
2) Whenever we are trying to release the
ESN/MDN after
the MDN’s service
disconnection, Kindly make sure that the
order is completed. (If there be any pending
disconnection orders the ESN/MDN cannot
be released)
Do’s and Don’ts
3) Put your correct Sales Channel (If the sales
channel is wrong the released ESN could not
be assigned)
4) Don’t assign anything in Container Type
5) Always type your ESN in capital letters
6) Still if you find any difficulty in ESN/MDN release, kindly put
your compliant in OM-CDMA Complaints Manager with the
details ESN/MDN, Sales Channel along with your contact
information ( preferably Mobile No.)
Contact Information of CDMA-OM
Section, Trichy
1) SDE(CDMA) - 0431-2717700
2) JTO (CDMA) - 0431-2703070 & 2902001
3) For any clarification kindly do mail us on
[email protected]
4) While booking compliant/mailing kindly put
your contact number also (preferably mobile
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