Application Bachelor buddy I*ESN Tilburg

Application Bachelor buddy I*ESN Tilburg
Fall Semester 2014
Hello student!
Thank you for showing interest in becoming an I*ESN Bachelor buddy.
As a bachelor buddy you help making the semester unforgettable for the international students of Tilburg.
You and your co-buddies will be the first communication point for the bachelor students in your buddy
group, and therefore we require your dedication when it comes to helping students with difficulties and
making them enthusiastic for events organized for international students by I*ESN.
Important events that are expected of you to attend during the semester:
1. Attending the Buddy and Mentor Meetings (Date: 12th of August, 19h00). During this meeting
you will get the agenda for the upcoming semester as well as more information about the role of
being a mentor of I*ESN. Afterwards, a fun informal activity will take place so that board, mentors,
buddies and bachelor buddies can meet each other!
2. Helping I*ESN and Tilburg University during the Arrival Days (Date: 15th and 16th of August).
During these days international students arrive in Tilburg and will have to pick up their important
last minute information and keys to their new home. I*ESN’s buddies, mentors and bachelor
buddies will help students with transportation and introduce them to I*ESN Tilburg.
3. Being present at all buddy dinners with your co-buddy and master group, twice a month on
Thursday evening. And once a month at the I*ESN parties in Carpe Diem, so that your group truly
integrates with I*ESN Tilburg. Also, once per semester your group will be responsible for the
organization of an event for the other bachelor students.
4. The Bachelor Crazy 66 on Saturday the 30th of August. During this activity, the bachelor
buddies will guide their bachelor groups through the city centre of Tilburg, trying to complete all 66
challenges in the city.
5. Your presence at the Introduction Camp (Date: 5th – 7th of September). During the camp, we
need you to assist in games and other activities that are organised. Moreover, we need a sense of
responsibility since we are with a big group. And above all, the Introduction Camp is a great way for
students and mentors to get to know each other!
6. Helping out at I*ESN. During the semester all buddies have to take 1 Carpe Diem shift; at the
door or at the wardrobe. The shifts take about 3 hours starting at 22h30 or 1h00 and is obligatory
for everyone. Also will we require everyone to do one promotion shift for I*ESN.
7. As we are a Student Association, membership is required. If you are not a member yet, you can
become one during the meeting. This will get you entrance to Carpe Diem, cheaper drinks and the
I*ESN Card; which is good for many discounts throughout Europe. Membership costs 40 euro’s.
Remember that these things are obligatory if you want to become an I*ESN buddy!
Below, you will find some questions regarding your application and a link that sends you to a Google
form. The Google Form contains questions regarding your personal data and availability during the
introduction period. Send the filled in application form to [email protected] and do not forget to fill
in the Google form. The application is only complete after you sent this email and filled in the Google form.
After fulfilment of the application procedure, we will invite you for a short interview and let you know as
soon as possible if you will become an I*ESN Bachelor buddy!
Closing date application: Friday the 21st of April at 23h59.
Personal Data
Date of Birth:
Email Address:
Study (next semester):
Questions regarding your application
1. How did first get in contact with I*ESN?
2. Why do you think it would be a fun /interesting /educational and good
experience being an I*ESN-buddy?
3. Do you have any international experience/ambitions yourself (e.g. plans to
study abroad)?
4. Do you have any experience being active for other study / student
associations and in what function?
5. Tell us some more about yourself. What are your interests/hobbies? Are you
active in any other field besides your studies?
In each buddy group, one member is the contact buddy. Being the contact buddy
means you will be the main person responsible for your group. You will, together
with the Secretary, arrange the kitchen, organize a cooking schedule, lead the
group through motivation and also give feedback on the organization and
procedures involved. Also, you are the first communication point between the
I*ESN board and your buddy group.
The Contact Buddy have a special Contact Buddy meeting (Date: Wednesday, 13th
of the
dates additional information concerning their new
of August)
will receive
Overview of the committees
I*ESN is a vast organization and has a variety of diverse committees through which
you can extend and improve your skill set in an international environment. Apart
from its professional value, it is often also seen as a great way to get in contact with
international students outside of your group. In addition, I*ESN will also organize a
Committee Market for more information regarding the committees on the 4th of
Academic committee: which is involved with several projects during the year, such
as Meet the World, Night University, Language cafe and discussion/debate evenings
at Carpe Diem. This committee is also responsible for organizing a symposium.
Active Member Committee: This committee is involved with the organization of fun
activities for all active members, in order to promote the bonding between mentors,
buddies, bachelor buddies and all committee members.
Activities Committee: We are looking for volunteers to help create and manage
activities for our event calendar. You will attend the events, and come up with new
creative ideas around Tilburg and our bar Carpe Diem.
Acquisition Committee: Are you interested in helping the fundraiser to find new
sponsors for our organization? Want to improve your professional skills in
acquisition? Then join the acquisition committee!
Bar Committee: As a member of the barcommittee you are the face of Carpe Diem!
You will serve the drinks during parties and dinner evenings about twice a month,
together with an enthusiastic team of other BarCo members!
Camp Committee: We look to put together a team with diverse skills to help create
our weekend camp experience and to make it the most memorable. We seek to find
people with diverse skills such as logisitcs, catering, creative ideas, bar skills, event
planning and much more!
Cantus Committee: which is responsible for the organization of an immense I*ESN
international beercantus for 600 students at the main square of Talentsquare.
Cooking Committee: Almost every Friday the cooking committee makes a lovely 3
course meal for around 30 members of I*ESN. You will cook around once a month
with your fellow CoCo members.
Dj Committee: Are you a DJ and wanting to play at great international parties? Do
you have a specific style or great variety in playing? Then join the committee!
Editorial Committee: This committee writes and designs 4 issues of the I*ESN
Magazine per semester. Items vary from gossip to trip reviews, and from
photoscapes to debates. The functions within the committee are: photographers,
journalists and final editors.
Excursion Committee: I*ESN Tilburg has expanded our trips outside of Tilburg
dramatically over the past year and we seek to create a team to help manage these
trips. You will get the change to take groups of students to Oktoberfest, surfing in
Morocco, Skiing in France, weekend trips to such cities as Budapest, Paris, Berlin and
Prague as well as many more local trips such as an IKEA day, Maastricht, Amsterdam
and Holland City race!
Introduction Committee: This committee will be responsible for the organization of
all activities around the TOP-Week. This includes the setting up of our afternoon
program, guiding arriving students through our program and the overall satisfaction
of the new students visiting.
Promotion Committee: This committee brainstorms, designs and organizes promo
campaigns such as the board and buddy and mentor recruitment campaign,
examples of functions are: volunteer coordinator, graphic designer, video editor, and
online communications manager.
Pub Quiz Committee: The pub quiz committee organizes a pub quiz in Carpe Diem
every month, this will mainly be on Thursday evenings. As a committee member you are
responsible for making questions and presenting them during the night.
Research Committee: The committee which researches ‘hot’ topics on campus for
International Students, together with the two political associations of the University SAM
and FRONT. This committee especially works good for students interested in improving
their research skills.
Social Projects Committee: This committee is responsible for the volunteering work
in and around Tilburg. In the committee, you will be responsible for the recruitment of
volunteers, as well as the managing of our partners, the organization of the events and
most of all having a great time integrating in Dutch society with locals who need our
Sports Committee: Do you like sports? So do our members and we are looking for a
team of volunteers to look after and organize our sports groups and teams. You will
manage students who are at different sport abilities to get active and make
friendships through sports. You will also seek to look out for University sport
tournaments that our association can compete in as well as create new annual events to
create awareness within our association and to help students keep active and current in
the sports they enjoy.
If you are interested in any of the committees above, please indicate so in
the Google form.
Overview of the important dates
TOP Preparation days,
Arrival Days
City Tour
Introduction Camp
1st & 2nd, 2nd & 3rd and 4th & 5th of August
12th of August
15th & 16th of August
17th of August
18th – 22nd of August
5th – 7th of September
Google form
The link to the Google form regarding your personal details, your availability and interest in
committees. If this form is not filled in, your application is not complete!
As an introduction to Tilburg I*ESN organizes a few activities to bring international students together.
After the arrival day, we organize a welcome drink. This is also a perfect opportunity for buddies,
mentors and bachelor buddies to get to know each other and international students a little better. On
Sunday, we also organize a City Tour. In this way, the international arrivals will get to know Tilburg a
little bit better, and you’ll be able to meet all the wonderful people you’ll be working with during the
upcoming semester!
Again thank you for showing interest in becoming an I*ESN Bachelor buddy! We will
contact you after you have completed your application, in order to arrange a small
interview (also possible through Skype). Based on this interview, we will select our new
volunteers for upcoming semester.
For any further questions, please contact [email protected] or visit us at E205!
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