A Holiday in Iran

Falisha Kurji & Mahima Kathiria
Pd. 13
Nawroz: The Persian
New Year
 Nawroz means “new day” in Persian
 Nawroz is a holiday that’s over 3,000 years old and can be
dated back to Zoroastrian times.
 The New Year is usually held on the Spring Equinox
around March 21st every year to celebrate rebirth and a
new beginning. It’s celebrated by people in Iran and
South Asia.
 The festival usually lasts from March 18-24th
 In Iran, it’s the biggest festival of the year. Bonfires are lit
in the streets, houses are repainted, new clothes are
purchased, hair is cut, and friendships are renewed to
have a good start to the new year.
“The Seven S’s”
 Each home lays out an array of foods or the haft sin:
 Sabzeh- sprouted wheat for rebirth
 Sir- garlic for health
 Samanu- a dense syrup for strength
 Somaq-sumac seeds for the sunrise and light
 Senjid- wild lotus tree fruit for love
 Sib- an apple for beauty
 Serkeh- vinegar for age and patience
 Also on the table are symbolic decorations like
decorated eggs for fertility, books for wisdom, goldfish
in a bowl for good luck, sweets for hospitality, and
blooming flowers for love.
Nawroz Foods
 Sabzeh polow ba mahi is
an herbed rice with fish
and scallops and it’s
usually the main dish
for the first night of
Nawroz Foods
 Kuku-ye sebzeh is an
herb omelet made with
greens similar to the
Italian frittatta. The
amount of herbs
exceeds the egg omelet
flavor so it has a
distinct taste. Kuku-ye
sebzeh is often served
with bread, rice, or
Nawroz Foods
 Dolma
 Stuffed Grape Leaves
 A gourmet dish,
chosen by the Persians
to done on during
Nawroz (New Year).
 It contains meat, rice,
and spices wrapped
up in cabbage leaves
or vines.
Nawroz Foods
 Baklava
 A thin crusted desert
filled with filo dough.
 It is eaten throughout
the Middle east and
 Baklava can be made
with various versatile
ingredients for
example nuts and
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