Viva Cuba! Viva el Embargo!


¡Viva Cuba! ¡Viva el Embargo!

Communication between..

Fidel Castro (Caitlin Fogarty and Ligia Alonso) and President Raul Castro

Raul’s Reforms

• Sept. ‘10 – New Self-Employment Reform

• April ‘11 – Proposed reforms to Property and

Private Enterprise regime

• Open to dialogue with U.S. about “everything”

The Thawing of U.S.-Cuban Relations

• Relaxed restrictions on family travel and cash flows

• OAS ban lifted with conditions

• 55 percent of Cuban Americans oppose embargo

International Trade

The Kantian Tripod



International Organizations

The Day after Tomorrow:

A Post-Embargo World

Opening to trade : An influx of U.S. imports

The economic empowerment of our people and exchange of ideas

Opening of political space


The Day after Tomorrow:

Participation in IGOS

Membership in regional organizations

Pressure by other members


Isolation=Key to our Success

• End all overtures to the U.S. government

• Tone down criticism of “cruel” embargo in public discourse

• Stay out of regional organizations like the OAS

Gracias, Uncle Sam! Questions?