The aircraft L-159 ALCA
The presentation of the Czech subsonic fighter
Cpl. Bc. Miroslav Hovorka
BRNO 2013
 L-159
and its versions
 Cockpit, Multifunction Display
 Armament (SMS)
 Expansion of the aircraft
 Sources
Advanced Light Combat Aircaft
„ L-159 is a lightweight multi-role combat
aircraft designed primarily to support
ground forces, reconnaissance and
limited to air combat. “ (MoD CZ)
L-159 ALCA
A two-seat version for training purposes.
L-159 B
ALCA was converted to the two seat version.
L-159 T1
Basic Tactical-technical Data
936 km per hour
2,130 (1,225) km/h
13,200 metres
15,452 metres
Operation range without add.fuel tanks:
1,570 km
2,000 km
Operation range with additional fuel tanks:
2,530 km
3,200 km
725 metres
800 metres
Honeywell F124-GA-100
Volvo Aero RM 12
28 kN
54 kN (80,5 kN)
9.54 metres
8,40 metres
12.73 metres
14.10 metrs
4.77 metres
4.70 metres
Weight of empty aircraft:
4,360 kg
5,670 kg
Maximum take-off weight:
8,000 kg
13,000 kg
2,700 kg
4,200 kg
+8 g / -4 g
+9 g / -4 g
Maximum cruise speed:
Flight ceiling:
Minimum length of RWY:
Engine unit:
Maximum thrust of engine:
Maximum G-load Factor
In comparison with
JAS 39-C Gripen
Pilot’s view (L-159 cockpit)
Night view
Multifunction Display
 Manufactured by VDOT
System, Inc.
 show information
 control systems
 part of integrated weaponnavigation set
• capable of carrying a wide range of NATO standard weapons
Store management system
No. pylon
Carrying capacity
SMS page of the first aircraft
An unwanted aircraft
 72 aircraft were produced
 25 in service (6 are L159T1)
 3 were exchanged for
CASA C-295M, then sold to USA
 2 were destroyed
 36 are stored in Aero Vodochody
 Official websites (MoD, AERO Vodochody a.s., Air Base Čáslav)
 http://www.army.cz/scripts/detail.php?id=6674
 http://www.army.cz/scripts/detail.php?id=6204
 http://www.aero.cz/en/l-159-combat-and-training-system.html
 http://www.afbcaslav.cz/index.php/cs/zakladna/category/37-l-159-alca
 Professional websites
 http://www.airforce-technology.com/projects/l159/
 http://www.milavia.net/aircraft/l-159/l-159.htm
 http://aviationintel.com/2012/10/12/iraq-to-buy-24-aero-vodochody-l-159s-
 http://www.milinternational.eu/photo-gallery/l-159-alca
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 http://www.ainonline.com/aviation-news/ain-defense-perspective/2012-1019/iraq-selects-aero-vodochody-l-159-training-needs
Are you able to launch the AGM-65B?
Thank you for your attention.
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