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Reliability · Performance · Value

Digital Control Products







Application Flexibility

HVAC and Lighting

Facility Automation

Refrigeration/Cold Storage

Remote Monitoring

Energy Management and Cost Control

Reliable Hardware

ASIC/2 configurable controllers for power, flexibility, scalability

ASIC/1 pre-programmed controllers for terminal unit applications

JASIC Open Systems controllers, running Niagara AX Framework

Intuitive Software

PC-based web front ends

Automated alarm notification

Database ODBC R/W capability

Graphical configuration

Optional embedded front end and configuration software

Open Systems Interfaces


Systems use

Niagara AX

Framework to integrate LON and other legacy

BAS protocols

Interoperability Options

JASIC Open Systems, powered by Niagara AX, with drivers for BACnet, LON, Modbus, etc.

WebLink OPC-client front end with ODBC R/W

ASIC/2 controllers with Modbus RTU Master

BACnet-IP system and BACnet MS/TP controller interfaces

System Architectures

Choice of Niagara AX or ASI Controls based system architectures

Scalable open systems

Range of choices for cost-effective

Ethernet connectivity

ASI in Control – Small …

Packaged Units

Equipment Shelters

Medium …

Hotel, Retail Network, Factory,

Office Building …

… Large

Multi-zone & networked buildings

Integrated control of large facilities

BOMA Large Building of the Year, 1994

ASIC/2-7540 Configurable

16 universal inputs

(multiplex to 64)

8 analog + 12 binary outs

RS-485 (2), RS-232, USB

Modbus RTU Master

Real time clock, onboard configuration storage

ASIC/2-8540 Configurable

Real time clock

Automated dial out

RS-485 ports, RS-232,

Modbus RTU Master

8 universal inputs (multiplex to 32);

4 analog + 8 binary outputs


All the features of

ASIC/2-8540 plus a

BACnet MS/TP bus

Second RS-232 bus supports either ASI or

Modbus communication

Rooftop Package Control


Flash memory

8 relay outputs,

2 analog outputs

Modulating economizer

Ready to control packaged rooftop units and heat pumps

VAV Control

Integrated actuator

Airflow sensor

Screw terminals

5 analog + airflow inputs;

3 binary + 1 analog, 2 floating damper outputs


BACnet VAV Control

Integrated actuator

Airflow sensor

Screw terminals

5 analog + airflow inputs

3 binary + 1 analog, 2 floating damper outputs


VAV Control

ASIC/1-6000-MB, -PD, -PD-MB

-PD option for pressuredependent applications

-MB models with metal base, no actuator (for retrofit applications)

Dual Duct & Exhaust Tracking

Ready for common dual duct applications

2 calibrated airflow sensors included

Exhaust tracking for positive or negative pressure


Network Communication

Ethernet-to-serial router, either

RS-232 or RS-485

SNTP supports timekeeping

& synchronization functions

Intelligent forwarding of alarms & events

Web server for configuration

JASIC-700 Controller

RS-232, RS-485, 2 USB, 2 Gigabit Ethernet

Embedded Web Front End with 3D HVAC graphics

Optional drivers to tie into most common protocols

Real-time clock, with battery or external power backup

JASIC-600 Controller

RS-232, RS-485, 2xEthernet, USB port

Embedded web front end with library of HVAC graphics, and optional configuration tools

Drivers for many protocols

Onboard clock, battery backup

JASIC-200 Controller

RS-232, RS-485, 2xEthernet, USB port

Embedded web front end with library of HVAC graphics, and optional configuration tools

Drivers for many protocols

Onboard clock, battery backup

JASIC Web Supervisor

Server-based front end software

Archives trend data, delivers automated alarm notifications

Small, Large, or 64-bit version

Database drivers available for

MySQL, MS-SQL Server,

Oracle, oBIX, SNMP,

CSV/Excel ....

JASIC Workbench

System Configuration Software

Runs embedded or from networked computer

Intuitive drag/drop interface

Standard library of animated

3D HVAC component images

Optional libraries to create custom AHU, RTU, Plant ...

Color Touchscreen HMI’s

Interfaces to ASIC/2 controllers

Support for JPG, BMP, GIF image formats

3.5”, 5.7” @480x320; 8”, 10.4”, 12.1” @800x600

Modbus Wall Sensor

Modbus-RTU Slave

Identical color, size, and form as WS-051 sensor

4 digit LCD display

Push-button mode and setpoint adjustment, afterhours overrides

Temperature Sensors


Digital display panel

Setpoint adjust

After-hours over-ride

Display and controller read same sensor

Outside Air,

Duct Insertion,

Averaging, Strap-on, and Immersion


Built-in thermostat

Setpoint adjust 

WS-001 WS-011 WS-021 WS-031

Sensor only, + push button, + user adjust, +


Pressure, RH Sensors

Differential Pressure

Transmitters in multiple ranges

Relative Humidity, RH+Temp sensors

Bulk polymer resistance for accuracy

Room, Duct, and Outside Air options

Network & System Interface

Polling, Broadcasting & Event Notification

Dual RS-232 access for

PC, Modem, LAN

Dual local buses

RS-232 to RS-485 converter

ASI-C/R Converter/Repeater

RS-232 to RS-485 Converter

RS-485 Repeater

Plug and Play

ASI Visual Expert

Graphical, drag & drop configuration without line programming

Real-time data display

Password protection

Re-use sequences between projects

Sample configuration screen

ASI WebLink

Web browser based system front ends

Customizable screen graphics, audio, video

Drag and drop screen editor, OPC tag browser

OPC for interoperability



ASI WebLink

ASI WebLink

Report and Graph trends

Export CSV data

Customize access by user login and role

Javascript customization

ODBC Read/Write

ASI WebLink

Manage networked facilities over LAN,


Integrate other BAS web servers for a unified Intelligent

Building interface

ASI WebLink

Automated delivery of email and/or text Alarm

& Event notifications to individual or group

Web interface for processing, managing alarm notifications

ASI WebLink

Monitor and control remote facilities via

Ethernet network

Update network or sub-network with a single command

ASI Atlas

Map ASI points into

BACnet UI through

BACnet-IP interface

ASI templates for common applications and configurations

Users can create re-usable templates

191 Peachtree Tower, Atlanta

Long-term support for back compatibility

1.2M square feet

1,500 ASIC/1 VAV’s with

Fan Speed Control, Trane central Plant controls

Upgrade facility awarded

BOMA Large Building of the Year, 1998

Chartwell School, Seaside, CA


Platinum rated

Net-zero electricity use with onsite solar panels

Provide control of HVAC

Total energy use is half of comparable buildings

Nankang Software Park, Taipei


ICF Intelligent Building of the Year, 2005

Over 5,000 ASIC/2 &

ASIC/1 controllers

70,000+ total points

Other Notable Projects

3,000+ telecommunications buildings

Hilton hotels in Anaheim, Chicago, New York, San

Francisco and other flagship locations

McChord AFB, WA

– 45 networked buildings

West Virginia DEP, LEED-NC Silver rated

Hospitals, Retail Networks, Schools, College

Campuses, Shopping Malls, Clean Rooms…

Our Goals

Supply reliable, innovative and cost-effective control system hardware and software

Provide VARs with tools for complete Energy

Management, Building Automation & other control solutions

Comprehensive training and customer support

Reliability · Performance · Value


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