MIFAB Presentation-1

New Ideas in Specification
Drainage & Specialties Products
Hepworth – Doha, Qatar - Jan-14, 2012
MIFAB - USA Manufacturer
• Manufacturing facilities in Chicago, USA
and around the world.
• All products tested and certified to USA
ASTM and ASME Standards.
• Michael Whiteside, owner. President of
P.D.I. (Plumbing and Drainage Institute)
in the USA.
• Represented by Hepworth, Doha - Qatar
Floor, Area and Trench Drains
Stainless Steel Sanitary Drains
Roof Drains and Rainwater Shoes
Floor and Wall Cleanouts
Grease and Oil interceptors
Trap Seal Primers
Wall and Ground Hydrants
Access Doors
No Hub Couplings
BEECO Backflow Preventers
C-PORT pipe supports and Pipe Markers
Innovations in Design
A1 Body – Floor, area and
roof drains, cleanouts.
• A2 Body – Large area
drains, floor drains, large
diameter roof drains, and
parking drains.
More flexibility for the
contractor in the field.
– Reduces waste at the
end of the job.
Innovations in Design
• Thread the strainer directly into the body.
• No need for a membrane clamp in slab on grade
Stainless Steel strainers for the
same price as Nickel Bronze !
• Strainer won’t “dish” or “cup”. Foot friendly.
• Won’t discolor or tarnish. More Sanitary.
Innovations in Design
MIFAB Area Drains are always Adjustable
* Adjustable to meet
the finished floor.
* Ductile iron grates
Standard for “Special
Duty” Load Rating.
ProFormer - Trench Drains
• Made from Polypropylene.
• Acid and chemical resistant.
ProFormer Stainless Drains
• Heavy Duty, 14 Gauge
Designed for food areas.
Standard Type 304
stainless and available in
Type 316 stainless.
Available in a wide
variety of sizes and
styles of drains.
Roof Drains
Roof Drain Dome Comparison
• Zurn Z-100 Dome
- 4.5” high
- Free Area: 92 Sq. In.
• Smith 1010 Dome
- 4.75” high
- Free Area: 103 Sq. In.
• MIFAB R1200 Dome
- 7 ½” high
- Free Area: 125 Sq. In.
Roof Drains – Flow Design
• Water has to travel
more distance around
wide sump before
• Narrower sump
means less lateral
velocity to overcome.
Head pressure is
greater – resulting in
faster drainage.
Grease and Oil Interceptors
Grease and Oil Interceptors
Grease and Oil Interceptors
MI-G Series - Grease Interceptors
• 10 gauge steel, powder epoxy
• Center securing bolt
• Legs on bottom to elevate unit from
wet floor.
• Available in “XL” Series for larger
capacities, “L” series for low rough-in
heights, “SD” & “SDH” SemiAutomatic units. The MI-G series has
many accessories available such as:
extensions (integral or bolt-on),
Anode Packs, Anchor Flange and XHeavy Lids.
Oil Interceptors
• MI-O Series: 10 gauge steel with
baked-on epoxy finish. Center
securing bolt. Heavy Gauge
diamond plate steel cover. Two
(2) side vent connections.
• MI-O-HU Series: Same great
features as above but with
integral oil storage tank!!!
• MI-OS Series: Oil/Sediment
Interceptor with Heavy-Duty
Grate and removable
Sediment/Mud Pan.
Trap Seal Primers
Why Use Them?
Prevent foul odors from entering the room
via dry floor drain traps.
Access Doors – Styles & Types
No Hub Couplings
No Hub Couplings
Regular Shielded No Hub
60 inch torque – 4.3 psi max
line pressure with 10’ head
Heavy Duty Shielded No Hub Couplings
100 inch torque–15 psi max line pressure
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