Cedar Breather Power Point

Underlayment for Wood Roofing
Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau
4 Recommended Methods of Installation on Solid Sheathing
Use treated shakes or shingles directly
Apply horizontal furring strips, spaced at the exposure of the
Apply vertical strips in alignment with the rafters underneath,
then use horizontal strips on top of the vertical boards
Cedar Breather® from Benjamin Obdyke Incorporated
What is Cedar Breather?
Three dimensional nylon matrix
Cone shaped design
Provides ¼” air space
What is Cedar Breather?
Nylon 6
- Not affected by heat or cold
- Not affected by UV light
Class “B” fire rating
Benefits of Cedar Breather
Provides space for a continuous air flow between the
solid roof deck and the shingles or shakes
Allows underside of shingle to dry
Eliminates excess moisture
Prevents thermal cupping and warping
Reduces potential rotting and warping
Helps prevent damage to felt
50 year limited warranty
Roof Ridge Line
Three dimensional view
¼” Air Space
Compression & Thickness
Zero lbs. per sq. ft.
.27 inches
100 lbs. per sq. ft.
.26 inches
200 lbs. per sq. ft.
.25 inches
Moisture Testing & Results
Test Decks in Florida
With Cedar Breather installed, 17.88% less
moisture was detected than an identical deck
installed without Cedar Breather.
Independent testing done by:
PRI Labs, Tampa Florida 9/2000
Easy to Install
Lightweight – easy to carry up a ladder
No special tools – stapler or hand tack
Eliminates the need for furring strips
Jobs are finished quicker
Simple Application
Applied over roofing felt
Tacked down once every 3 sq. ft.
Edges butted together
Dimple side down
Flat side up provides
a nailing surface
Shingle Installation
Shake Installation
Valley Flashing
Cedar Breather extends the life of wood roofs
Time and labor savings for contractors
Over 10 years of proven performance
Cedar Breather Packaging
Packaged in 61.5’L X 39”W rolls
18 rolls per skid
Each roll covers 200 square feet (2 squares)
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