Chapter 6 section 4 Answers

Chapter 6 section 4
Plebiscite- popular vote by ballot
Napoleonic Code- body of French civil laws introduced
in 1804, served as a model for many nations’ civil
Annex- add a territory to an existing state or country
Continental System- blockade designed by Napoleon
to hurt Britain economically by closing European ports to
British goods (ultimately successful).
Guerilla warfare- fighting carried on through hit
and run raids (the Spanish used this against the
French soldiers)
Scorched-earth policy- military tactic in which
soldiers destroy everything in their path. (the
Russians did this to prevent Napoleon’s army from
conquering them)
Abdicate- to give up or step down from power.
Congress of Vienna- assembly of European leaders
that met after the Napoleonic Era to piece Europe back
together. Met from September 1814 to June 1815 in
Vienna, Austria.
Legitimacy- principle by which monarchies that had
been unseated by the French Revolution or Napoleon
were restored.
Concert of Europe- a system in which Austria, Russia,
Prussia, and Great Britain met periodically to discuss
any post-Napoleonic Era Quadruple Alliance.
1. How did Napoleon rise to power so quickly in
He was very ambitious and his military successes
helped him gain power.
2. What reforms did Napoleon introduce during his
rise to power?
He enacted reforms to improve the economy,
established a public school system, and introduced
the Napoleonic Code.
3. How did Napoleon come to dominate most of
Europe by 1812?
He defeated European powers by moving large
armies rapidly, taking risks, and being willing to
suffer great losses. He annexed some lands and
forced alliances on others. He put friends and
family members on several European thrones.
4. What challenges threatened Napoleon’s empire
and what led to the disaster in Russia?
Nationalism in individual European states, guerilla
warfare in Spain, Austria seeking revenge, and the
devastating Russia winter.
5. How did Napoleon impact Europe and the rest of
the world?
He spread the ideas of nationalism across Europe
and facilitated American expansion with the
Louisiana Territory and abolished the Holy Roman
Empire, which help create a new Germany.
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