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Do you Know???
1. Russia is the largest
country in the world in
land area. How does it
compare in terms of
2. Where do most people
in Russia live? East or
West of the Ural
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A convict village in Siberia, early 1900s. Especially after
the attempted coup by the Decembrists in December
1825, Siberia became an important area for the exile of
political and criminal prisoners. Dostoevsky, Lenin and
Stalin were numbered among the famous Siberian exile
When a Westerner hears "Siberia",
images of frozen tundra and prison
camps come to mind. But things are
changing even in this lost region.
The Asian part of Russia (east
to Ural Mountains) is called
Siberia. Siberia is usually subdivided into Western Siberia,
Eastern Siberia and Far East.
The 1.5-million Novosibirsk is
the third largest city of Russia
after Moscow (8M) and St.
Petersburg (5M) and the chief
city of Western Siberia (see the
map). Born in 1893 as a future
site of a railroad bridge
crossing the great Siberian river
Ob where the latter is crossed
by the famous Trans-Siberian
Railroad (built in 1890s 1900s), it officially became a
town in 1903. Now it is the
unofficial capital of Siberia.
Lake Baikal
Siberia Tundra
1. Where is the tundra—large,
treeless region where only the
top few inches of ground thaw
during the summer-- found in
2. What do you call the world’
largest forest area? taiga
Tundra Brainpop
3. What lake is the world’s
deepest freshwater lake?
Lake Baikal
Taiga Brainpop
Animals of the Taiga
Russian Weather!!!
The vast Russian Federation has a wide variety
of weather conditions.
In general terms, winters are somewhat mild
along the Black Sea coastal areas, much colder
inland and northwest, and frigid in Siberia.
Summers vary from mild to warm in the west
and central, with cooler conditions north, and
along the Arctic coast.
Large Russia Map
Great Russian Geography
Quiz!! here!
This is a link to
the geographic
regions of
Asia…1st 4 are
Regions of
Russia is so large---it runs through 11 time zones!
At about 10,000 KM or just under 6,000 miles the Trans-Siberian Railway covers
Siberian Railroad
over 1/3 ofThe
of the Earth and is the world's longest railroad.
Remember when we looked at the difference between North and South Korea at
night??? Look at the difference between European and Asian Russia…..
Answers to Enchanted
Learning Russia Map
What is the capital of Russia? Moscow 2. What is the name of the river
that flows near this capital city and into the Caspian Sea? the Volga River
3. What ocean borders Russia to the north? the Arctic Ocean
4. What is the name of the mountain range that splits Russia into two
pieces, east (Asian Russia) and west (European Russia)? Ural Mountains
5. What is the name of the sea that separates Russia and Japan? Sea of
6. What is the name of the strait that separates Russia from Alaska? the
Bering Strait
7. What country borders Russia on the southeast? China
8. Is Siberia in the north, south, east, or west of Russia? North
9. If you wanted to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg, in which
direction would you head? northeast
10. If you were to travel from Moscow to St. Petersburg, roughly how many
miles would you have to go: 5 miles, 50 miles, 500 miles, 5,000 miles, or
50,000 miles? 500 miles
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