What is MadCall.me

What is MadCall.me
MadCall.me is a mobile service that enables the user to change their voice on the phone while speaking to friends and
family in real time. All the user needs to do is select a character and call their friends and family.
Our voice library already includes over 10 characters and keeps expanding. There are characters for any need or occasion,
from cute and lovable squeaks to deep and scary murmurs.
How the connection is working
Ways to interact with the user
Application. Application allows to skip call to voice
Premium RS number. User dials the number of
platform. To make a call, user selects one of the characters
from the menu and chooses a phone number from phone’s
MadCall.me voice platform and navigate through the
simple IVR menu, listen to the samples of characters’
voices, select one and dial the number of the person. The
service is available for both mobile phones and land lines.
Available for Android, Bada, J2ME. Windows 8, Tizen are
coming soon.
A case study. iOS version of MadCall.me is available from
Apple Appstore Russia. There are 6 animated characters,
created in funky 2-D animation style. All characters talk back
to user Talking Tom style. User can record video messages
and share them via social networks as well as make phone
calls from the app.
A case study. IVR Portal in Russia.
Our Offer
We provide a full “in box” solution
that includes:
• Premium PRS number
• Server solution
• Localized voice portal
• Customized and localized apps
for Android, iOS, etc.
• 24/7 Access to online statistics.
• Full technical support.
Based on our experience with the
service, the recommended End User
Price per minute is approximately
1 Euro + VAT.
There is no unified price per minute
for all covered countries. VAT and
call costs per minute vary depending
on a country. We are happy to
discuss other business schemes, for
example when a partner doesn’t
require a PSN number.
We process all voice traffic on our
platforms, located in different
locations in Russia and in Europe.
Countries, where we are ready for immediate
MadCall.me stats 2012
Average price 1 Euro per minute
Calls per User = 2
Average call length = 1.5 min
Monthly retention rate = 4% to 10%
Vendors Java
Rev. per click = €0,3.
Downloads to calls rate = 30%
ARPI (average revenue per install ) = €0,8
SMS Bulk
Android pre-installs
Average response 1,2 – 1,8%
*Normal response for other products: 0,5-1%
1 out of 3 users call from the app at least once
ARPI (average revenue per install)= €1,2
We will be happy to share more detailed statistics, including results for
different price ranges, on your demand. Feel free to contact us.
Our Mad Partners
Russia’s leadingpayment
Russia’s leadingmobile
About us
i-Free is a Russian innovation-minded company that has
expanded around the CIS since 2001 and internationally,
since 2006. i-Free is a specialist developer and implementer
of innovation projects in mobile and NFC technology,
electronic finance, digital content distribution, electronic
payments and micropayments, apps for smartphones and
new network devices, digital products for the B2C market,
and B2B mobile marketing projects.
i-Free is present and operates successfully outside Russia
with offices in Kyiv (Ukraine), Minsk (Belarus), Almaty
(Kazakhstan), Mumbai (India), Beijing (China) and Sao Paulo
(Brazil). i-Free products and services are now available in
morethan 100 countries. i-Free grossed over RUR 3 billion
(close to US $200 mil) in sales in 2011.
i-Free is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Russia, and has an
office in Moscow. The company currently employs over 700
Mad Team
The team behind Madcall.me consists of over 40
Our professional and creative in-house team
consists of best App developers that work with
various platforms and technologies to fit our
partners'’ needs and desires. Our VOIP developers
have over 10 year experience in IVR technology.
We have our own designers and illustrators,
marketing analysts and account managers who
work on improving Madcall.me every day.
Thank you for your time!
We are happy to answer
any of your further
Please email us: