E Unit 4

Group 4A
Affiliated: (adj, part.) associated, connected
Ex: affiliated with a well-known law firm
Ascertain: (v) to find out
Ex: ascertain what the cost will be
Attainment: (n) an accomplishment; the act of
Ex: a man of high literary attainment
Bequeath: (v) to give or pass on as an inheritance
Ex: has bequeathed a fortune to his wife
Cogent: (adj) forceful, convincing; relevant, to the
Ex: a cogent plea for prison reform
Converge: (v) to move toward one point, approach
nearer together
Ex: as the delegates converge on the hall
Disperse: (v) to scatter, spread far and wide
Ex: order the police to disperse the crowd
Esteem: (v) to regard highly
(n) a highly favorable opinion or judgment
Ex: someone we all hold in high esteem
Expunge: (v) to erase, obliterate, destroy
Ex: ordered the offending remarks
expunged from the court record
Finite: (adj) having limits; lasting for a limited time
Ex: a finite number of possibilities
Bequeath Cogent
1. To hand down, transmit, bestow
2. attached, related, joined to
3. Persuasive, compelling
4. To discover, determine, establish, find out
5. An achievement, fulfillment
Synonyms: Group 4A
1. To hand down, transmit, bestow
2. To respect, admire, honor, revere
3. attached, related, joined to
4. To meet, united, intersect, merge
5. To delete, efface, annihilate
6. Persuasive, compelling
7. To discover, determine, establish, find out
8. limited, bounded, measureable
9. An achievement, fulfillment
10. To break up, scatter, dispel
1. Bequeath
2. Esteem
3. Affiliated
4. Converge
5. Expunge
6. Cogent
7. Ascertain
8. Finite
9. Attainment
1. To respect, admire, honor, revere
2. To meet, united, intersect, merge
3. To delete, efface, annihilate
4. limited, bounded, measureable
5. To break up, scatter, dispel
Define: Invulnerable, Malevolent, Nonchalant,
Omniscient, Panacea
Invulnerable Malevolent Nonchalant
A universal cure; an easy solution
wise, all-knowing
Composed, unruffled, indifferent, blasé
Malicious, wicked, sinister, malignant
Impregnable, impervious, immune
Define: Supercilious, Scrupulous, Skulk, Uncanny,
Group 4B
Invulnerable: (adj) not able to be wounded or hurt;
shielded against attack
Ex: an invulnerable fortress
Malevolent: (adj) spiteful, showing ill will
Ex: told a malevolent lie
Nonchalant: (adj) cool and confident, unconcerned
Ex: walked with a nonchalant air
Omniscient: (adj) knowing everything; having infinite
awareness or understanding
Ex: a professor who seemed to be omniscient
Panacea: (n) a remedy for all ills, cure-all; an answer to all
Ex: a panacea for all of our problems
Scrupulous: (adj) exact, careful, attending thoroughly to
details; having high moral standards, principled
Skulk: (v) to move about stealthily; to lie in hiding
Ex: a burglar skulked in an alley
Supercilious: (adj) proud and contemptuous; sowing scorn
because of a feeling of superiority
Ex: took a supercilious attitude toward the servants
Uncanny: (adj) strange, mysterious, weird,
beyond explanation
Ex: an uncanny skill at playing bridge
Venial: (adj) easily excused; pardonable
Ex: a venial offense
Synonyms: All
1. snobbish, patronizing, overbearing
2. Painstaking, meticulous, conscientious
3. Composed, unruffled, indifferent, blasé
4. To lurk, slink, prowl
5. To hand down, transmit, bestow
6. To respect, admire, honor, revere
7. Malicious, wicked, sinister, malignant
8. Impregnable, impervious, immune
9. Eerie, inexplicable, spooky
10. attached, related, joined to
1. Supercilious
2. Scrupulous
3. Nonchalant
4. Skulk
5. Bequeath
6. Esteem
7. Malevolent
8. Invulnerable
9. Uncanny
11. To meet, united, intersect, merge
12. A universal cure; an easy solution
13. To delete, efface, annihilate
14. persuasive, compelling
15. wise, all-knowing
16. excusable, forgivable
17. To discover, determine, establish, find out
18. limited, bounded, measureable
19. An achievement, fulfillment
20. To break up, scatter, dispel
11. Converge
12. Panacea
13. Expunge
14. Cogent
15. Omniscient
16. Venial
17. Ascertain
18. Finite
19. Attainment
20. disperse
Supercilious Scrupulous Skulk
Uncanny Venial
To lurk, slink, prowl
snobbish, patronizing, overbearing
Painstaking, meticulous, conscientious
excusable, forgivable
Eerie, inexplicable, spooky