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Vocabulary Words
Words #1-10
1. Immense – Adj.
Immense – Adj.
Extremely large or great
The closer we drew to the bridge, the more
immense it seemed.
2. Ponder – V.
Ponder – V.
Carefully consider
The sheik pondered what Nadia had said.
After a long time, he finally spoke.
3. Simultaneously – adv.
Simultaneously – adv.
At the same time
Grinning with relief, we simultaneously
clasped hands.
4. Envious – adj.
Envious – adj.
I pulled out one of my sandwiches. Horse,
envious, complained he was getting hungry.
5. Lethargy – n.
Lethargy – n.
Lack of energy and enthusiasm
Spring had arrived. I was puzzled by my
6. Provoke – v.
Provoke – v.
Make someone angry
When Phyllis finally said the sweater was hers,
it provoked me.
7. Menace – n.
Menace – n.
Possible source of danger; threat
Looking back, I knew it was a terrible menace.
He stared at me for what felt like hours.
8. Pummel – v.
Pummel – v.
Strike repeatedly
As we made our way back over the bridge,
gusts of wind blown rain pummeled us.
9. Antagonistic – adj.
Antagonistic – adj.
Showing hostility or opposition
My friends were unexpectedly antagonistic to
my idea and refused to go along with it.
10. Tractable – adj.
Tractable – adj.
Easy to manage or control
Tractable students do not disregard
instruction or class work.
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