The Scarlet Ibis

• The Protagonist in “The Scarlet Ibis” is Brother.
• The antagonist varies depending on the type of conflict.
• Man v. Self- Brother
• Man v. Man- Doodle
• Man v. Society- Others’ opinions of Doodle
• Man v. Nature- Storm
• The setting of “The Scarlet Ibis” is Dix Hill, a cotton farm,
in North Carolina.
• The type of conflict mainly present is “The Scarlet Ibis” is
man vs. self, because Brother at first feels embarrassed
that his brother Doodle is disabled and then later in the
story feels immensely guilty for leaving Doodle behind in
the storm to die.
• Other types of conflict present are man vs. man because
Brother pushes Doodle around. Also, man vs. nature is
apparent during the end of the book when the harsh storm
in which Doodle dies rolls in. Man vs. society also takes
place because of the fact that most of the people will not
accept Doodle because of his disabilities.
• “The Scarlet Ibis” is told from the first-person perspective
of Brother.
Rising Action
• Doodle survives his early stages of childhood in which he is
expected to die.
Doodle learns how to crawl, however he can only crawl
Brother becomes sick of Doodle’s disabilities, and pushes him
to learn how to walk so he is not such an embarrassment to
both Brother and Doodle himself.
Another result of Brother’s daily lessons is that Doodle starts to
become stronger mentally and his self confidence grows.
During lunch one, day, Brother and Doodle spot a scarlet ibis
outside in a tree. It died shortly after. They figure, since it was a
rare bird in their area, it must have traveled a long way and
became sick. Little did they know that this was an ominous
foreshadowing of Doodle’s near future.
• The climax of this short story is when Brother chooses to
leave Doodle behind in the violent storm, and decides that
Doodle should stop relying on others and fend for himself.
Falling Action
• The falling action is when Brother realizes how little
clemency he has shown to his brother. He turns back and
tries to find Doodle.
• The discovery of Doodle’s tragic demise by his brother is
the denouement of “The Scarlet Ibis.”
• The plot is the information delivered before. The order is
as follows:
Literary Devices
• Personification- “summer was dead but autumn had not
yet been born,” (Hurst 554)
Simile- “and finally collapse back onto the bed like an oldwarn out doll.” (Hurst 555)
Irony- Brother runs away from Doodle expect that this
would motivate him to follow him and begin to run.
However, Doodle ends up dying in the storm.
Metaphor- “I lay there crying, sheltering my fallen scarlet
ibis from the heresy of rain.” (Hurst 564)
Allusion- “Slowly, while singing softly “Shall We Gather at
the River” he carried the bird.” (Hurst 562)
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