Canto XXXIII (33) Circle Nine: Cocytus Round 2: Antenora

Round 2, Antenora: Named for the Trojan prince Antenor. He
plots with the Greeks to destroy the city.
Round 3, Ptolomea: Named for the Ptolomaeus of
Maccabees, who murdered his father-in-law at a banquet.
In Anteanora: (committed treason)
Count Ugolino & Archibishop Ruggieri~
In life they had once plotted together. Ruggieri betrayed
Ugolino and caused his death by starvation along with
Ugolino’s four sons. So in hell, Ugolino gnaws on Ruggieri’s
In Ptolomea: (murderers of guests and hosts)
Friar Albergio~ had his brother killed at a banquet at his
own home.
Branca D’Oria~ Killed his father- in-law.
Souls that have committed treachery against guests are forced
to lie on their backs in the frozen lake, with only their faces poking out
of the ice.
* Symbolizes that they’re alone in life and don’t have the warmth
of friends and family.
Souls that have committed treason have not died on earth yet and
devils occupy their bodies above the ground.
* Considered evil, therefore their bodies are replaced with
something way more evil than themselves, the devils.
Lines 1-3 * Ugolino is eating Archibishop’s head
Lines 13-21 * Ugolino introduces himself to Dante
Lines 58-60 * Ugolino starves himself
Lines 70-75 * Ugolino eats his own children after fasting
Lines 118-120 * Friar introduces himself
Lines 125-132 * explains how a demon took his body
Line 125 * Atropos~~ The fate who cuts the thread of life
~Ugolino in jail with his
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