Action Glove (Palm)

Team Sekkeisha Presents:
Hybrid Motion
Bringing the core to Kinect
Full Sail University
Brian Palmgren - Lawrence Trask - John Vecchitto - Ryan Young
The Hybrid Motion Controller (HMC)
is a triage of wireless controllers
designed to work in conjunction with
the Xbox 360 Kinect. Designed to bring
precision and responsiveness to the
Kinect for the hardcore gaming crowd,
the HMC is a device consisting of a
glove, a wand, and a multi-touch pad,
which are consequently inspired by
Nintendo’s Power Glove, Wii Nunchuck,
and Apple’s iPhone. The HMC has the
capability of enhancing the usability for
several game genres, but is focused on
more core titles such as first-person
shooters, RPGs, and racing simulators.
Introduction and Design Purpose:
Motion controls; they seem to be taking over the video game
industry as of late. Everything from a swift swipe of a finger on an
iPhone to swinging a Wii-Mote, or even full-out break dancing on
the Xbox 360 Kinect has been seriously considered as the future of
human control interface technology (and the sales figures show).
The overall attraction to these devices is that the user experiences
a level of intuitiveness never before seen in a video game
controller. Gamers of all ages and skill levels can now strike the
enemy with their fists or avoid obstacles by dashing about in their
living room, or they can play a virtual game of tennis or practice a
specific yoga stance with ease. This is a phenomenal development
in game interaction, and has and will continue to bring forth many
ingenious ideas for its implementation.
Introduction and Design Purpose:
These are undoubtedly recognized as popular control schemes
because movement controlled interfaces will always be the king of
usability, as they offer the best natural mapping and affordance
stemming from the basis of learnability and memorability. But
because the users have absolutely nothing in their hands, and the
responsiveness of the technology hasn’t quite caught up to the
vision, important UI elements such as feedback, consistency, and
constraints still lag behind in efficiency, so much to the point that
many game developers haven’t succeeded in making a “hardcore”
title for many of these devices (such as a frantic FPS, complicated
RPG, or a precise and realistic simulator), although several attempts
have been made.
This is where the Hybrid Motion Controller for the Xbox 360
comes in. With this device, we aim to bridge this vision with reality
by lessening the gap that lies between the basic functionality of the
Kinect and the tactile feel of a responsive and accurate gamepad. Our
ultimate goal is to persuade core gamers to embrace motion
controller interfaces by proving to them that not every Kinect
supported title has to be completely controller free, thus bringing
with it the usual feelings of disengagement that these types of
experienced gamers have when using it. With the HMC, three
intuitive devices combine to produce the most accurate and
responsive motion controlled experience to date, all while keeping
the principles of usability in the forefront of its design.
Action Glove
Worn on the right hand it comes in
three sizes (S, M, L).
Flex sensors add tension and
tracks hand contractions.
Constructed of a flexible vibrationdamping polymer to contain
physical feedback for precise
Finger sensors gather additional
data for motion tracking.
Action Glove
A padded area, raised a half inch
from the palm, contains a
gyroscope, accelerometer, and
feedback vibration motor. In
addition this pad contains a
rechargeable battery charged
through a power-mat station.
Programmable touch sensor
buttons (R1, R2, R3, R4).
Action Glove
Five programmable touch sensor
buttons (Z=purple, A=green,
B=red, X=blue, Y=yellow).
Fingertips are cased in knitted
silver for touchscreen use.
Mesh vents allow heat to escape
and cool air to enter.
Action Glove
(Back of Hand)
Optical sensor functions as
a precise cursor.
Additional mesh vents.
Adjustable strap to keep
optical sensor in place.
Stability fins add additional
support to keep optical
sensor in place.
Adjustable velcro strap to
keep glove in place.
Motion Grip
Joystick with click button.
Internal gyroscope, accelerometer,
and vibration motor with
rechargeable battery.
Thumb button for additional input
Three trigger buttons (L1=black,
L2=grey, L3=white).
Anti-sweat grip to prevent slippage.
Held in left hand with an adjustable
velcro strap to keep it secured.
Hybrid Pad
Multi-touch screen.
Velcro straps to secure pad
to forearm.
Physical Xbox guide menu
button with associated
player number.
Scrollable menu #1 that
controls which image is
displayed on pad screen
(map, inventory, start menu).
Scrollable menu #2 contains
customizable in game quick
keys (easy access to spell
book, healing potions,
weapon swaps, etc…).
Testing Methods
• Three phases of proposed Playtesting would
be cost effective for this controller.
• Phase 1: Individual participants are assigned
a game based on personal preference; after
Figure 9: Phase 1 example.
an hour of testing they go through an
interview process.
• Phase 2: Group testing for split screen and
online multiplayer to determine emotional
responses in group settings; this session is
recorded and followed by an electronic
• Phase 3: A two part phase consisting of
biometric testing for individuals and then in
groups to give a final scientific measurement
of emotional response in each setting.
Figure 10: Phase 2 example.
Findings and Results
Figures 11-16: Displays the
progression of wand and
• Based off preliminary testing, several changes
were made to the overall design of the glove
and wand (as depicted in previous slides).
• In response to the initial mixed feelings of the
glove and wand, several iterations were
created until a final design was determined.
• The multi-touch pad on the other hand needed
no improvements as it’s design is based on
smartphones so most users are already
comfortable with the interface.
• Based off the final design schematic,
participants were able to clearly identify and
perceive the use of all the button mappings on
each controller.
• In addition, many participants in this
preliminary test displayed feelings of
excitement (verbally and physically) over the
integration of accurate controlling with the
Kinect system.
The one thing that Kinect needs more than
anything right now is a core FPS title to help bring
fans of that crowd to the forefront. With the Hybrid
Motion Controller we aim to bridge the gap that lies
within normal Kinect functionality by focusing on
immersion, intuitiveness, and most importantly
with the FPS genre, accuracy. Let’s take a quick look
at how one of the gaming industry’s most lucrative
franchises might be able to adapt to the HMC.
Action Glove:
Z (thumb - pressed against side of index) -Fire Weapon
A (index)
B (middle)
X (ring)
-Switch Weapons
Y (pinky)
Pointing Optical Sensor
Overhand Throwing Movement
-Lethal Grenade
Underhand Throwing Movement
-Tactical Grenade
Quick Lowering of Glove
Quick Punching Motion of Glove
Motion Grip:
Analog Joystick
Analog Joystick (pressed)
-Sprint/Hold Breath
L1 (Black)
-Aim Down Sights
L2 (Grey)
-Inventory Item #1
L3 (White)
-Inventory Item #2
O + L2
-Inventory Item #3
Hybrid Pad:
Since the nature of a touch screen device is so versatile and
directly relates to the genre of the title that is being played, for
an FPS such as Call of Duty, it would only have a few practical
Scoreboard: Instead of pressing O button to bring up the
scoreboard during an intense multiplayer match, players may
have this visible at all times via the Hybrid Pad and can choose
to mute players by simply tapping on their name.
Directing Kill Streaks: For a lot of the kill streaks in Call of Duty
(and during the campaign) players are tasked with manually
directing some sort of drone, missile, or other lethal device
(usually) from a top down view onto their enemies. Now,
players can get a chance to relax their right hand with the
option to use the Hybrid Pad to control these elements. Perks
such as the napalm strike could now be executed more
precisely with a swipe of a finger across the mini-map.
Accessing Equipment/Weapons: Players may access a screen
that shows every item in their current load-out which can then
be quickly selected by tapping them. This may or may not prove
to be more efficient for certain players, making it (of course)
RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Action Glove:
•A Button- Action button
•B Button- Cancel action
•X Button-Sneak Mode
•Y Button-first person/third person
•Z Button- Jump
•Index Finger IR beam- Aiming crosshairs
away from center screen if desired
•Hand movement- Fully mimics the users
hand motions, allows to
throw weapons not normally meant to be
thrown and more special actions
as well as changing how a spell can be
effected, making it a projectile or area.
Motion Grip:
•Joystick- Movement and selections
•L1 (Black)- Hold to change between using held item
and let go for camera control
•L2 (Grey)-Sprinting
•L3 (White)-Draw or put away held Items
•O (Red)-Opens quick slot menu
•Gyroscopic action- Controls camera unless L1 is
held down, then uses left hand to mimic the hand
Hybrid Pad:
Can display and interact with:
•Inventory screen
•Equipment management
•Spell lists
•Start Button- Brings up menus on screen
Take a seat (or stand up) and get comfortable; get
ready to strap the Hybrid Pad to your forearm, make a
fist with the Action Glove to start your engines, and
shift your way to the top with the Motion Grip. The
HMC component’s work in many different ways for
racing games of many different types, with the major
functions of each controller of it’s own playing a big
role, from searching the menus, camera movements,
motion sensors, to the feeling of hitting the NOS
button on the steering wheel.
Action Glove
• Hold “A” and L1 to activate the engine
• Optical sensor movement for each vehicles / camera view for
each corner, swerve, and spin out.
• Press Z against pointer-finger to active nitrous.
• Lean left hand in the direction of each corner when the glove
begins to vibrate begin to motion your hand in a “jerking
motion” until the Action Glove stops vibrating.
Motion Grip:
• Pressing the L3 button to change view of car.
• Inside view; you control the view from the drivers
perception by moving the Motion Grip left / right.
• Pressing the “O” button brings up the map on the
Hybrid Pad.
• Press Joystick, then move Motion Grip in shifting
position - to gain speed: double click “L2”
Hybrid Pad:
Slide your finger over the screen to get into the inventory screen or
save/load game menu. If you slide two fingers across the screen it will
switch over to the garage where you can purchase more accessories from
interior to exterior designs and logos, etc…
Want to see how far your opponent is from you!? Check out the rearview
mirror image to see.
Customize cars faster and easier with simple clicks on the screen. Scroll
through different decals, motors, exhaust pipes, seats, etc…
Customize players/characters through the create your own player option
Double press the E-Brake application during drifting / racing.
Design Method:
Two of the principles of gamenic theory is “Engaging choreography, gradual
learning curve” and “Beyond gaming “. We believe this deeply describes the
Hybrid Motion Controller with each feature that’s involved.
Action Glove has a sensor that can be used for camera movement by simply
pointing and moving your middle knuckle around the screen. This frees up the
rest of the fingers for other actions while keeping natural “aiming” conventions
familiar to most people.
The most-used face buttons are mapped to the tips of the glove’s fingers to
allow quick and intuitive access to many different button combinations.
Strapping a comfortable remote (Motion Grip) to your left hand, the grip of the
controller fits perfect and firm. It allows the use of moving your character,
checking inventory, watching your kill count go up, or even other left hand
orientated movements (such as drawing a shield).
A third piece of the puzzle is revealed as the Hybrid Pad, the touchscreen that
holds many information from maps, direct kills, review mirrors, scoreboard,
quest to complete. This is definitely the most versatile device featured within
the HMC.
Flexibility is very common with many different easy motions and button
configurations that can be used or pressed. Just place your index finger onto
your palm or against your thumb (pressing the “A” button) to throttle an
engine, swings a battle-axe, or reload a weapon, if it feels better with your ring
finger, no problem, the HMC was designed with customization in mind.
Action Glove Inspiration:
•Glove controller as basis of the
Action Glove
•Difficulty of use to help show us
what not to do
•Codes needed for each game for
power glove, game is made
specifically for the Hybrid Motion
•Helps the player feel more
immersed in their experience by
mimicking natural movements
Motion Grip Inspiration:
•Nearly perfect controller for the left
•Needed more buttons for more
advanced games
•Wireless can cause less damage, but
wired means no need for built in power
•Motion Control allows for more
immersive gameplay
Hybrid Pad Inspiration:
•Touch screen adds many different
options to games and menus
•Multi touch allows to zoom in and out
•Slide from side to side to allow for
different windows, menus, views, etc…
•Works very similar to smartphones in
many different aspects
•Could easily be mistaken for a
smartphone with the Xbox logo on it
Conclusion & Recommendations:
In conclusion, the Hybrid Motion Controller is what hardcore gamers
have yearned for since the Xbox 360 Kinect’s first functionality
presentations were shown at the E3 almost two years ago. Finally, the
same demographic that keeps breaking sales records year after year by
consuming core titles (such as the blockbusting Call of Duty franchise)
can finally be brought over to the Kinect, solidifying the device as an
integral part of the future of interactive gaming (instead of a gimmick
that caters only to the casual crowd). The HMC will be a surefire hit,
not only because it is a unique device that will definitely help to bridge
this cultural gap, but also because it is a device that has been carefully
designed with both functionality and usability theory in mind to make
for some of the most interactive and intuitive Kinect experiences to
The designers of the HMC recommend as more titles are designed
to work in tandem with the device that more usability testing should
be done as needed. For core titles, especially games that feature fastpaced multiplayer battles, intensity testing focusing on accuracy and
the actual stability of the hardware are recommended to ensure that
the device holds up over pro-longed (and somewhat abusive) gaming
sessions. If marketed correctly, the HMC could be a sales juggernaut,
especially if it was packed into a Kinect Bundle Pack that featured the
camera device, the HMC, and a popular core title.
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