Confectionary Packaging

Designing a confectionary
package for Adnama
Confectionery Ltd
Adnama Ltd is a manufacturer of unusual
The sweets are high quality but expensive
and over 75% of their turnover is from
people buying sweets as gifts.
Their latest product has been designed
and made and is ready for launch. It has
the name Chances and the sweets look
like funky dice. They are 0.5cm cubes.
Your brief
• You have been asked to submit a design for the
packaging of the sweets.
• The manager of Admana wants the packaging to
stand out from other sweets so she wants an
unusual shape pack and a good strong colourful
• The package will be small and must be cut from one
sheet of A4 card.
Interesting packaging
• What makes these packages distinctive?
• What are the mathematical names for
the shapes?
Bold, appealing shape
Sketch of the net with measurements
Artwork/design for the whole surface area
Colourful and showing the name ‘Chances’
The volume of the prism must be worked
out to the nearest cm3
The Surface area must be worked out to the
nearest cm2
An accurate net for a prism, with tabs