Neritic Zone- Thomas Group

By; Savannah Ezell, Alec Barzach, Hanna Tischer,
Thomas Deal
Neritic Zone
The Neritic Zone is a shallow environment sprawling
with life. This zone can get to a depth of around
200 meters deep/ 100 fathoms. Its shallowness
lets in an abundance amount of sunlight. The
water temperature stays stable this allows many
types of plant and animal species to thrive in the
environment. Combined with estuaries these
zones cause most of the worlds productivity in
sea life.
Fathoms= 6 feet
 Neritic Zone- Located in the
Continental Shelf
 The continental shelf is an
extended perimeter of each
continent and isolated
costal plain
 Continental Slope- Slope
between the outer edge of
the continent shelf and the
deep ocean floor
Sea Star, Eel, Sea Turtle, Potato Grouper, Dolphins,
Salmon, and Etc.
 The Neritic zone contains most of the seafood for
human consumption
 Sharks and sea birds feed along the Neritic Zone
 Animal life in this zone will eventually become
extinct because of human impacts
 Kelp, Seaweed, Algae, Sea grass, and Phytoplankton
 All plants in this zone are able to use photosynthesis
because they are close enough to the surface to get sun light
Plankton is the most common form of plant life
Seaweed is also known know as Sargasso
Is well Oxygenated
Contains coral reefs
Phytoplankton ca reproduce extremely fast because of the
sunlight and nutrients
 The Neritic zone covers an area about the same size
as Asia.
 Is 10% of earths ocean.
 Neritic Zone is a subdivision of the Pelagic Zone
 There is a lot more Neritic Zone in the east coast
 Ores and Fossil Fuels can be extracted from this
 It has low water pressure and stable temperatures
and salinity
Where is the Neritic Zone?
Where and What is
the Continental
What is the
Continental Shelf and
Where is it?
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