Klondike Gold Rush ppt

Klondike Gold Rush
The Klondike Gold Rush effected the
lives of many people across the world.
Many people came to seek it rich, but
not many made big.
Climate of the Klondike
The climate in Yukon Territory effected
many the way of the miners. The miners had
to work with harsh weather temperatures
such as 60 below zero. The miners also
encounter many blizzards and avalanches.
One of the most deadly avalanches in the
Klondike Gold Rush was the avalanche in
Dawson City, killing 60 people.
Effect on the Miners
The effect on the miners and how they mined
was gigantic. The miners had to dig through
ice cores and permafrost from long ago. The
miners had to wait and let the ice thaw before
they could mine. So many had to wait awhile
causing problems for the prospectors.
Hardships of Miners/Prospector
Problems that miners experienced, were the
climate, diseases, the terrain, and lawless
communities. The climate was usually between 0
degrees and -70 degrees. It was also snowing
most of the time. Typhoid fever was one of the
most major problems, in the Yukon Territory. It
killed off a lot of people. Dawson City was very
much a lawless community. When people passed
through the growing boom town they were
scammed, robbed, or murdered.
Miners lifestyles
Miners usually were in the mines “trying” to
find gold. Most miners didn’t make any money
from the gold because, once the people got
there people have already taken all of the
Mining problems
All the miners were exhausted from
mining for ten hours and not even
finding anything. Many of the miners
were either delighted and excited or
depressed and indulged in finding
Mining methods
The miners would usually mine on the river
beds. They would most likely pan on the river
beds. The gold would go through the pan and
the dirt would pass through the holes in the
pan, the gold nuggets would get caught in the
pan and stay for the miners to keep to trade
for money.
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