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Poison Dart Frogs in the Rainforest
The rainforests of the world are
important to us. In the world
rainforests are located in
Southern Asia, South America,
Africa, Central America and the
Pacific Islands. That’s were
rainforest are located. Rainforest
are also near the equator. There’s
heat and a lot of rain in the
rainforest. There are four layers
in the rainforest. There are many
plants and animals in the
rainforest. That’s why rainforests
are important to us.
The Forest Floor and Understory
The forest floor and
understory are the two
lowest layers of the
rainforest. The forest floor is
very wet and dark but also it
has large animals. Also the
forest floor has plants and it
is the lowest of the layers.
The understory is the second
layer and there is a little
more light. There are small
animals, butterflies, and
snakes and more.
The Canopy and Emergent Layers
The Canopy and
Emergent layer are
the top layers. The
Canopy is one of the
top layers also
there is a lot of
insects and animals
there. There is
plant life too. The
Emergent layer is
home to many
plants and animals.
Products do we get from the Rainforest
We get many supplies and
products from the
rainforest. The fruits we
get from the rainforest are
bananas, oranges, lemons,
coconut, and pineapple.
We’ve got cocoa, vanilla,
cinnamon, and coffee too.
We also get wood, rubber,
and medicines too. These
are some of the products
we get from the rainforest.
Introduction and Appearance
The poison dart frog is a
cool frog. There are
different kinds of poison
dart frogs. They are
amphibians to. It looks
very cool and it can be
many different colors.
The poison dart frog is
poisons. It is a cool frog
like I said in the
The poison dart frogs
live in the rainforests of
South America and
Central America. Most of
them live in the forest
floor. They mostly live
under rocks and plants
of the forest floor. There
are a lot of tiny insects
on the forest floor for
the poison dart frog to
The poison dart frog
eats small things. It
eats tiny insects and
spiders. It gets them
from the forest floor. It
kills its prey from its
long sticky tongue. Its
tongue is very useful to
kill its prey.
Predators and Prey
The poison dart frog is
endangered by home loss.
Many frogs can’t survive
it. Their predator is the
Liophis snake. They frog’s
prey are insects (tiny)
and spiders. I hope they
The poison dart frog can
survive in many different
ways. One of the ways is
the poison dart frogs’
skin. Another way is with
its tongue. Its tongue
helps it eat its prey. The
last thing is their eyes
which help them to find
prey at night.
Interesting Facts
The poison dart frog is
very interesting. It gets
its poison from the
insects it eats. The male
frogs trill to find the
females. Trill means to
communicate with other
frogs that are far away.
Its poison helps it
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