Makaela Johnson and Rebekah Shuman
 Character Archetypes:
 Hero: Saves fish from net, helps Gill overcome his past
 Initiate: Wears white, trained by the fish in the tank
 Damsel in Distress: He needs to be rescued from the tank
 Situational Archetypes:
 Initiation: The ceremony that allowed Nemo( a.k.a. Shark bait) to be
accepted into the tank group
 Quest/Journey: Searching for a way to go home, but in order to get there he
goes through many challenges
 Fall: When he disobeys his father it leads to him being “fish-napped”
 Unhealable Wound: His fin
 Character Archetypes:
 Hero: He finds Nemo
 Damsel in Distress: He needs help to overcome his fears
 Situational Archetypes:
 Quest/Journey: Goes to find his son, but has to overcome many dangerous
trials first
 Character Archetypes:
 Loyal Companion: Sticks with Marlin throughout his journey
 Outcast: Alone, forgetful, socially awkward
 Damsel in Distress: Lost
 Character Archetypes:
 Mentor: He helps Nemo get through being on his own and to gain self-
confidence despite his disability
 Loyal Companion: He encourages Nemo, even after several failed attempts
at escape
Coral (Nemo’s Mother)
 Character Archetypes:
 Scapegoat: She sacrifices herself to protect her eggs from the Barracuda
 Character Archetype:
 Mentor: He helps Marlin get through some of his fears and shows him how
to build a better father/son relationship with Nemo
 Character Archetype:
 Devil Figure: She always kills the fish that her uncle gives her and just
hearing about her fills the fish in the tank with fear
Angler Fish
 Character Archetype:
 Creature of Nightmare: It hides in the depths, is scary looking, and tries to
eat Marlin and Dory
Hunting Group
 Character Archetype
 Bloat, Peach, Bubbles, Deb/Flo, Jacques, Nigel, and Gurgle: They help Nemo
escape from the tank no matter how many tries it takes and help him to adjust
to life outside of the reef
 Character Archetype
 Marlin/Nemo: They had a lot differences and had trouble seeing eye-to-eye at
the beginning but then they got over their differences and realized how
important they were to each other
 Crush/Squirt: They had a really good relationship, they understood each other,
and taught Marlin what a good father/son relationship looked like via example
Friendly Beast(s)
 Character Archetype
 Bruce, Anchor, and Chum: They are all made out to be evil but in reality they
mean well
Color Archetypes
 Black (dark): Unknown of what’s to come, evil, chaos, and death
 Deep water/trench, submarine, Bruce’s eyes when he smells Dory’s blood
 Red: Violence and wounds
 Blood from Dory’s nose and when she was injured by the jellyfish
 Green: Hope, envy
 The turtles (they were looking for the EAC and met the turtles once there,
Marlin was jealous of Crush’s easy-going nature and his father/son
relationship with Squirt)
 White: Innocence and goodness
 Nemo (innocence) and Gill (goodness)
 Orange: Egoism, pride, and ambition
 Marlin (egoism, pride) and Nemo (ambition)
 Blue: Innocence, devotion, water
 Dory, the Ocean, the water in the tank
Number Archetypes
 Three: Birth, life, death
 The number of stripes on Marlin, Nemo, Coral (Nemo’s mom), and Gill
Shape Archetypes
 Oval: Passivity
 The shape of the turtles’ shells
Nature Archetypes
 Duality: Opposites, positive/negative, male/female, yin/yang
 Marlin (negative, male, yin) and Dory (positive, female, yang)
 Valley: Depression, low-points, evil, unknown
 Trenches/deep water
 Water: Passive (go with the flow)
 Ocean, water in the tank
Object Archetypes
 Mask: Concealment
 The goggles (concealed the location of Nemo)
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