how to rduce number of death during marine accident

Khairul Hassan, PhD
Classnk, Tokyo, Japan
Condition of Marine Transportation
Causes of Marine/Launch Accidents
Why Number of Deaths More in Bangladesh
How to Reduce Number of Accidents
How to Reduce Number of Deaths
Responsibilities of General People
• Bangladesh
 Land of rivers
• Rivers
Most safe transportation system
Contributing for transportation systems
• In Bangladesh gradually reducing opportunities
Misleading and lack of knowledge
Avoiding rules and regulations
Increasing accidents and no of deaths
Reluctant of this transportation
Gradually die off these rivers
Basic Idea
• Operational conditions and accident
Condition of Marine Transportation
• About 6,000 km navigable water ways
• About 5,500 registered &
Many unregistered vessels
Condition of Marine Transportation
• Very poor condition
Safety and pollution
• Unfit for any traveling
Causes of Accidents in Bangladesh
• Design defects
• Operational defect
• Structural defects
• Production defects
Causes of Accidents in Bangladesh
• Design defects
Design by people who don’t have enough knowledge
Required different analysis (stability analysis)
• Results
Heeling vessel
• Accident by sink age the vessel
Causes of Accidents in Bangladesh
• Operational defects
Unskilled crew
Violate rules
• Results
Out of control during operations
Causes of Accidents in Bangladesh
• Structural defects /production defects
Example plate thickness
Placements of materials
• Results
Finally entering water into vessels
Why Number of Deaths More in
• Due to lack of awareness of the passengers
• Lack of guidance by crew
• Lack of opportunities to exist from vessels
▫ Improper design and structural positions
▫ Protective the exist ways
 Extra materials on the way
 Curtain on the ways
How to Reduce Number of Accidents
• Proper design
• Built the vessel according to proper design
• Trained up the crew and personals
• Strictly applying marine rules and regulations
How to Reduce Number of Deaths
during Accident
• Increase the awareness of the passengers
• Proper awareness and guidance of crews
• Carrying based on capacity of the vessel
• Remove obstacle on the exists
• Rapid rescuse team
How to Reduce Number of Death and
• Required systematic and planning actions
▫ Short term
▫ Midterm
▫ Long term
Short Term
• Banned the unfit vessels
• Distribute the instructions with tickets
▫ Essential responsibilities during accidents
 How to save themselves
 How to help others
• Briefing before start journey
• No obstacle on the ways
• Rapid rescue team near danger area
Midterm Actions
• Training up the crew
• Build up infrastructures for regular rescue team
Long term Actions
• Develop the systematic design for vessels
• Develop the proper building process
• Develop the applicable rules and regulation
Responsibilities of General People
• Only govt. and ship owners are not responsible
▫ General passengers/ people grow up awareness
 About the responsibilities during journey
 During accidents
• The number of accident and death can be reduced
▫ Proper design and building the vessels
▫ Skilled crews
▫ Awareness of the crews and passengers
• This transportations can be popular
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