situation analysis

• Internal Environment:
• Strong financial standing – stock has never gone
• Steady growth – a new store opens every week
• Family-oriented corporate culture
• Internal professional growth opportunities
• External Environment:
• Cooperative Nature
• Strong competitive advantage
• Unique in their industry, 1650+ locations
• Weak recruiting practices
• Demographic and lifestyle changes
• Baby boomers starting to retire
• Large need for Millennial generation to take on
their management roles
Family-oriented corporate culture
Focus on employee satisfaction
Stock has never decreased
Career advancement
Benefits / starting salary
Cultural Icon
Reputation perceived by recent
Lack of “glamour”
Unfavorable work hours
Non-prestigious job title
Competitors recruiting efforts
Recruiting Website
Social Media
More well-known companies
visiting career fairs
“Low prices, quality food and unbeatable
customer service. We are more than just
“Low prices, quality food and unbeatable
service; with over 1,650 locations in the South
East, we are right around the corner.”
“Low prices, quality food and an unique dining
• 1. Enhance Online Presence
• Increase amount of information on
• Strengthen web communications
• Expand social media presence
• 2. Career Fair Booth Presentation
• Incentives/Free giveaways
• Inviting and professional flyer
• Utilize Waffle House’s strengths
• 3. Open House Event
• Securing potential employees
• More hands on time with Clemson
• Showing more of the personality of the
Play up the great attributes of Waffle House while
• Not just a desk job
• Always something new to do
• Very people-oriented
• Variety – no day is ever the same
• Email all business majors ahead of time with
information about the trainee program
• Create new flyer to attach in the email, display at
career centers, and hand out at the career fair
“What attracts you to a company’s booth when you visit
a career fair?”
• Recruiter attire: professional, black
• Yellow Waffle-House-style name tags
• Professional, attractive signage
• Approachability
• Giveaways at the Career Fair
• Waffle House magnets, pens, mugs, or koozies
• Coupons
• After visiting the booth at the career fair,
students obtain a coupon
• Hold an Open House event for jobseekers
• Personal and intimate setting
• Employment process becomes more hands on
• Gives potential employees a real-life view of what
position would be like
• Allows potential employees to meet, converse and
ask questions to current employees