Amazing Annelids Super Segmented Worms

Amazing Annelids
Super Segmented Worms!!
By Annika Hanson and Lydia Tantalo
What does a segmented worm look like?
• their bodies are divided by little rings, called
• retractable bristles that help them crawl, grip, and
• they have suckers for mouths
• normally they are brightly colored
Those leg-like things are
really bristles!
Where does a segmented worm live?
• most live in moist areas
• in extreme temperatures they will bury
• some live on the banks of bodies of water,
others, actually live in the shallow depths
of freshwater
• others still, called sea worms, live in rocks,
shells, and corals in the ocean
How and what does a
segmented worm eat? How do
they get their food?
• uses special food tentacles on their head, to
filter food to their mouth, if they live in the
They eat…
• tiny animals
• tiny plants
• animals or plants that have rotted away to
smaller pieces
• blood
How does a segmented worm
protect itself?
They have…
• strong jaws
• poisonous bite
• some can draw blood
• they can regenerate
Fun Facts!!
• annelida means little rings, annelida is the
phylum name
• annelids have the most complex bodies of the
animals we call “worms”
• they can have red, yellow or green blood
Traffic light blood!!
Any questions?
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