Strategic Audit of Panera Bread Company

Strategic Audit of
Panera Bread Company
Case 29
Strategic Management MGMT 436
Group 5
Current Situation
A. Current Performance
Revenues between 2000 and 2003 rose sharply due to new unit
expansion but masked a slowing year-to-year growth rate. New
strategies and initiatives must be taken in order to continue growth.
• Revenues rose from $350.8 million in 2000 to $977.1 million in 2003,
fueled by new unit expansion
• In 2000, comparable sales and annualized unit volumes (AUVs)
increased 9.1% and 12.0% respectively. In 2003, those same figures
increased only 0.2% and 0.5% reflecting slowed growth.
Current Situation
B. Strategic Posture
• Mission Statement "A Loaf of Bread in Every Arm"
Provide the following fast casual food service qualities
• The casual atmosphere of coffee shops
• The quality food of sandwich shops
• The quick service of fast food chains
Specialize in the following five consumer dining needs
Daytime "chill-out"
Lunch in the evening
Take-home bread
Strategic Managers
A. Board of Directors
Strategic Managers
B. Top Management
External Environment
A. Natural Environment
External Environment
B. Societal Environment
External Environment
C. Task Environment
Internal Environment
A. Corporate Structure
Internal Environment
A. Corporate Culture