The Empresarios

The Empresarios
Mexico’s New Colonization Laws
• Mexico liked the success of Austin’s colony.
• They passed a law to encourage more
• The National Colonization Law of 1824
allowed each Mexican state to establish
their own policy and restrictions.
• Unlike Stephen F. Austin new colonist were
not free to establish colonies near borders
or along the coast.
Why do you think
Mexico placed this
restriction on new
Mexico Forms a New State
• In 1824 the Mexican government
formed the state of Coahuila
(Cuawila) y Texas by combining the
separate states of Texas and Coahuila.
Coahuila and Texas
Coahuila y Texas
• The new state had its own immigration policy.
• The new states capital was Saltillo.
• The first Texas citizen to serve in the new states
lawmaking body was Baron de Bastrop.
• The new Mexican state was eager to grow.
• They hoped U.S. citizens moving to the new state
would up the economy and help protect against
Native American attacks.
Coahuila/Texas Law
• The new state passed the State
Colonization Law of 1825.
• This law opened Texas up to more
settlement and immigration.
• Many leaders wanted to follow in the footsteps
of Stephen F. Austin.
• Business people who promoted settlement in
Texas were known as empresarios.
• Under the new State Colonization Law
empresarios received:
• 67,000 acres for every 200 families
• Head of household could receive 4,428 acres
for $30
• No taxes for 10 years
Rules for New Texans
• They must become Catholic.
• Also, must become Mexican citizens and
be of good character.
• A huge wave of U.S. immigration began in
Austin’s Contributions to Texas
• The Mexican government granted over 40 empresario
contracts in Texas.
• By 1834 an estimated 21,000 settlers lived in the region. This
number rose from only a few thousand in 1821.
• Stephen F. Austin was the most important empresario.
• In just 10 years, he helped bring more than 1,500 families to
• Austin was more than just an empresario, he was a father
figure and caretaker.
• He was and is the “Father of Texas”.
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