Mexican Federal Constitution of 1824

Government officials are complaining about
large numbers of illegal immigrants crossing
the river to live in our country. They [and other
legal residents] are concerned about the fact
that these illegal immigrants do not speak the
language and that they are perhaps taking jobs
and resources away from legal residents. They
are violating the laws of the country. Therefore,
the government has decided to close the
border and construct barriers to illegal
immigration [generally by swimming/wading
across the river or sneaking in along
unprotected border points.] Soldiers will be
stationed on the border to keep illegal
immigrants out of the country.
Mexican Federal Constitution of
Established a Republic form of government
in Mexico with an elected President and
Texas was part of a large Mexican state
called Tejas y Coahuila with its capital at
The Constitution stated the Catholic Church
was the recognized church in the country
The Constitution somewhat limited freedom
of speech and the press
There were no provisions for trial by jury
Impact of the Constitution of
Settlers arrived used to the idea of a
representative gov’t and expected the
Constitution of 1824 to provide that in
Mexican Texas
 Baron de Bastrop was elected the 1st rep
from Texas (Tejas y Coahuila) to the
Mexican state Legislature
 Texans rebelled against harsh gov’t and
the lack of representation, finally
beginning the Texas Revolution in 1836.
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