Mark Tansey - Arroyo Paseo Charter High School

Mark Tansey
By: Khadija. Osman
Year of Birth/ Place of Origin
• Mark Tansey was born on 1949 in San
Jose, California and he also lives and
works in Portsmouth, Rhode island
and sometimes New York.
• He is known for monochromatic
works, elaborate paintings and
incorporating hidden text, also images
and symbols and his invention of the
color wheel.
• It is a wooden wheel that consists of
three rows with ambiguous words is
spun the, so that Mark Tansey can
work on his next subject.
Years/ Place of Productivity
• He started his first major
exhibition in New York and it
also started in 1997.
Purpose/ Message
• Mark Tansey’s paintings represent
every historical occurrence. They also
reveal certain characteristics under
close detail.
• From Rene Magritte’s eight methods
he decided that the illustration and the
representation were fundamentally
need to improve the flaws between art
and practice, also symbol and
• The purpose of Tansey’s artwork is to
articulate the thought and feeling
about our world.
• Based on his paintings it looks like
almost all of his paintings are based
on sadness.
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