Four Freedoms

Franklin Delano Roosevelt,
excerpted from the Annual Message to the Congress,
January 6, 1941
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Published by the
Saturday Evening Post
The first Freedom painting published was
Freedom of Speech, which appeared in the
February 20, 1943. The Series continued
with Freedom to Worship (February 27),
Freedom from Want (March 6) and concluded
with Freedom from Fear on March 13, 1943.
In addition to publishing the paintings, Curtis
Publishing commissioned essays to
accompany the paintings in print. Each
accompanying article expounded on the
thoughts provoked by Rockwell's imagery.
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In the future days
which we seek to
make secure, we
look forward to a
world founded upon
four essential
human freedoms.
The first is freedom
of speech and
expression -everywhere in the
The second is
freedom of every
person to
worship God in
his own way -everywhere in
the world.
The third is
freedom from want,
which, translated
into world terms,
means economic
which will secure
to every nation a
healthy peacetime
life for its
inhabitants -everywhere in the
The fourth is freedom
from fear, which,
translated into world
terms, means a worldwide reduction of
armaments to such a
point and in such a
thorough fashion that
no nation will be in a
position to commit an
act of physical
aggression against
any neighbor -anywhere in the
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Copy these
in your
•No white areas
•Use the entire box.
Write the complete title of the freedom.
Write a paragraph (5 sentences) in ink,
explain in your own words what the
freedom means to you. Write in
complete sentences. Indent your
Write a paragraph
about each of the
freedoms (what they
mean to you) and
illustrate the freedom.
Color your illustration.
Due __________