English 2
Ms. Kramer
By. Olivia Chen
A submarine is a watercraft capable
of independent operation below the
surface of the water.
The 1900 French submarine
The German submarine U-9
Sank three British cruisers in a few
The modern torpedo is a self-propelled explosive projectile weapon,
launched above or below the water surface.
Torpedoes were widely used in WW1, both against shipping &
Cold Front
you know when you were digging
ditches with your hands
your hands blistered suns
your lips camels with two humps
did you ever imagine
the parade would end in
a bonfire of stupidity
how could you
your eyes torn
from their sockets like
apricots ripe on the tree
bees lapping beads of
sugar at the stem
how could you
laughing your tongue
into your lungs
a sea slug on the
ocean floor
unable to scream through
fathoms and currents
how could you
your mind a
dark cloud
no place to hide from the
rain of soldiers’ bodies
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