Banyan Tree Hotels

Clinton, Madjid, Keaton, Spencer, Allan
Company Overview
Banyan Tree Hotels
Question 1
• How would you describe the appropriate target market for Banyan
Tree? How wide is its geographical reach – local, regional, global?
Banyan Tree Hotels
• Target Market: Large sized income families in their 30’s to 40’s
• Target Segment: Couples looking for romantic weekend vacation
• How far would you think their initial reach would be?
• Banyan Vision: Evolve into a global niche player
Banyan Tree Hotels
Question 2
• In these markets, who are the main competitors? What are the
competitive advantages of Banyan Tree? Disadvantages?
Main Competitors
Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree
Banyan Tree
Mayang Sari
Four Seasons
Bintan Lagoon
Ritz Carlton
Hilton Maldives
Nirwana Resort
Banyan Tree Hotels
• Portrays a very significant price characteristic compared to other luxury
• Experience respect for local culture and preferences in the area, with high
quality services
• Improvements for language barriers
Banyan Tree Hotels
Question 3
• How important is the brand name to the target customers? How
important is it for the brand to be considered local versus global?
Banyan Tree Hotels
• Importance of the BTHR brand to the target market
• Experiential brand, Unique services
• Risk avoidance, Customer trust
• Local culture and location selection
Banyan Tree Hotels
Question 4
• What alternative kinds of promotions are most likely to build brand
equity further? How can product/service extensions do the same?
What are the pros and cons of each? How would you evaluate the
choice to launch a second brand – a good idea or not?
Banyan Tree Hotels
Building brand awareness
Increase their brand credibility
Enhance their brand image
Product/service extension
Launch of a second brand
Banyan Tree Hotels
Question 5
How would you evaluate the probability of success in building the brand equity
of Banyan Tree further? Are there any threats that could derail the effort? What
would your recommendations be for the next steps in building the brand effort?
Banyan Tree Hotels
Dependent on successful reviews, expansion, and exploitation
Threats are increased competition and availability of new locations
Increase marketing efforts
Conclusive Thoughts
Banyan Tree Hotels
• Questions? Thank-you for listening
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