The Devil*s Triangle

By: Yash Vohra, Patrick
Rice, and Emma Hruska
The Bermuda Triangle. Corners: Miami, Porto
Rico, and Bermuda.
Long ago, to be exact 11,000 years ago a comet
may have crashed on Earth. It may have landed
where the Bermuda Triangle is located today.
This comet may have electro-magnetal
properties. This could drive compasses in sane!
Pointing to the wrong direction can steer
anyone in the wrong path.
Crazy weather ahoy! Skies are intense, horrible
storms a brewing, and the Gulf Stream rushing
through the rough waters. Yikes! Bad sailing
Our Own!
We piggy backed of Theory Number 1 and got a
theory we think scientists would consider!
Our theory: A magnetic meteor crashed into Earth and
ironically landed in the Porto Rico trench witch is
located in the Bermuda Triangle. Nowadays ships and
different sorts of aircraft are made of iron. We think
this comet is so strong it could suck the ships down to
the bottom of the trench or to the Center of the Earth!
Why the Center of the Earth? Well we think that a
trench so deep-like the Porto Rico trench-could go
down to the Center of the Earth!
Nicknames for the Bermuda Triangle: The
Devil’s Triangle, The Sea of Doom, and The
Graveyard of the Atlantic.
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