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Molecular Gastronomy
in Korean Tradition
Dept of Food & Nutrition
Hanyang University
What we study…
Sprouted Barley Powder (Malt)
Yeot (Korean Taffy)
Sikhye (Sweet rice drink)
Gajami-Sikhye (Partially hydrolyzed &
fermented flat fish)
• Malt?
• Treasure island in Enzyme
• Yeot ?
• How to make?
• Sikhye ?
• How to make?
Component of Malt
 Amylase,
Protease, Invertase,
Phytase, Phospholipid, Dextrin,
Maltose, Glucose, Gramine, Vit B, Fat
Amylase in Malt
α-amylase (Liquefying amylase)
β-amylase (Saccharifying enzyme)
Protease in malt
Jocheong (liquid yeot)
Korean traditional confectionery
Airated Gangyeot
Sweet sticky foods, made from
malt(Grains starch containing)
Pumpkin Yeot (candy type)
It can be made in liquid or solid
(syrup, taffy, or candy)
How to make?
Ingredient : Rice 2kg, Malt 230g, Water
Rice swelling in water (6~7h)
Steaming the rice
Mixing & reacting the steamed rice & strained malt water
(60℃ 11~12h)
Boiling & straining f0r concentration (6~7h)
Stretching and merging - harder & whiter
Cut into bite-size
Traditional Korean beverage
Commercialized Sikhye
How to make?
 Boiled rice 300g (for three persons), malt 200g, water 6L, sugar
2 cups
1. Mix the powdered malt with the water by strongly rubbing the powder
through your fingers to make the malt water.
2. Leave the malt water as it is for a while then pour away only the top of the
water leaving the malt silt at the bottom.
3. Put the malt into the boiled barley rice and beat together. Pour the malt
water from point 2 over the boiled barley rice mixed with the malt.
4. Allow it to ferment overnight at a temperature of 50-60℃. When the barely
rice grains float to the surface, sieve the grains from the malt water and put
them aside. Add sugar to the malt water and bring to the boil and then allow
to cool.
5. Serve with the grains.
Partially fermented & hydrolyzed
Flat fish-seasoning (Gajami sikhe)
Flat fish(thick slice) 500g
Steamed millet 800g
Radish(thick shred) 700g
Malt powder 200g
Red pepper powder 300g
Salt 30g
Sugar 10g
Syrup 10g
Good Luck !