Wuthering Heights chapter 17 or volume 2 chapter 3

Wuthering Heights chapter 17 or
volume 2 chapter 3
Mike walker
• Quick key points –
• Hindley Earnshaw dies shortly after Catherine
• Isabella (Mrs Heathcliff) leaves Heathcliff
because of his recent behaviour for the South
of England, where a few weeks later has a
baby and calls in Linton
• Heathcliff is now living on his own at
Wuthering Heights with Hearton and hears
on his sons birth through servants gossip
Points in order –
• There is a change in weather at the start of the story from “last of our fine
days” to “rain first, then sleet, and snow” the weather/temperature fallacy
is here as it has been throughout the novel and is a key aspect of the gothic
literature. The type of weather is also very “cold” and this temperature is
associated with death.
• Nelly who is looking after little Catherine has a visit from Isabella who appears
to be in distress and is hurt. “a deep cut under one ear, which only the cold
prevented from bleeding profusely, a white face scratched and bruised”.
• Doesn’t want to see Big Catherine’s baby as she has already mourned for her
“put poor Catherine’s baby away”
• She then throws her ring in the fire “dropped the misused article among the
coals” we also find out that she is pregnant “in your condition”
• “Ive recovered from my first desire to be killed by him” this shows the distress
of her and also the violence of Heathcliff
• Hindley dies at the at 27 (pg 186)
• Hindley dies in this chapter leaving heathcliff at Wuthering
Heights,it is made clear how he died but kenneth said this
• “died true to his character, drunk as a lord” this shows the
extent of his drinking problem and how his demons killed
• Heathcliff is also left lonely after Isabella leaves him. The
verb used describe her leaving is “Fled” this shows how she
was a prisoner in the relationship and to Heathcliff. “What
urged her escape from Wuthering Heights”
• We discover that Isabella id pregnant ”in your condition”
• The marriage is ended “she slipped the gold ring from
her third finger, and threw in on the floor . “I'll smash
it!” She continued striking with childish spite.” this
shows the anger she has for Heathcliff and is unusual
of the time for the women to be ending the marriage.
The dialogue and the use of the exclamation mark
conveys the fury she has for Heathcliff.
• The temperature fallacy” last of our fine days, for a
month” to “ rain, first , and then sleet, and snow” and
then the motif of the colour black is used "the early
trees smitten and blackened” this is key as it is like the
weather can sense the forthcoming events
• The Wild snow this shows how the weather is reflective
of the situation
• characterisation of Heathcliff as Isabella uses
many words to describe him
• “hellish villian”pg177
• “brute beast!”
• “In the manner ,Hearton,who should now be
the first gentleman in the neighbourhood ,
was reduced to a state of complete
dependence on his fathers inveterate enemy;
and in his own house as a servant deprived of
the advantage of wedges and quite unable to
right himself, because of his freidlessness and
his ignorance that he has been wronged”
• This shows how Heathcliff is going to behave
the same way that Hindley treated him to
Hearton. L.m,
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