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Wuthering Heights – Easter Assignment
Ms. Voula
Investigating Chapter 10:
Draw up two columns and list comparisons and contrasts between Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross
Grange. Use this chapter and any previous ones that are useful.
Compare Catherine’s description of Heathcliff to Isabella with Nelly’s description of him when she shows
him in. How has Heathcliff changed, and how has he stayed the same? What is the effect of the image in
the final sentence of the chapter?
Investigating Chapter 11:
How does Heathcliff gain influence over each of the following characters?
Investigating Chapter 12:
List what Catherine says in her delirium and note how each statement links to any/all of Heathcliff / her
childhood / her current identity. Nelly dismisses much of what Catherine says, but what important
information does Brontë convey to us in this chapter?
Investigating Chapter 14:
Which characters prove able to forgive in Wuthering Heights?
Make a list of the violent images used in this chapter. Comment on the detail of each one. Some critics
think that Brontë has gone too far in stretching the reader’s credibility regarding Heathcliff’s language and
actions. What is your view?
So far, do you believe Nelly’s actions affect the plot for good or bad. What evidence is there to regard Nelly
as a ‘villain’ of the novel?