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Did You Know?
When you see geese heading south for the winter flying along
in a “V formation, you might be interested in knowing that
science has discovered why they fly that way. Research has
revealed that as each bird flaps its wings, it creates an uplift
for the bird immediately behind it. By flying in a
“V” formation, the whole flock adds at least 71 percent
greater flying range than if each bird flew on its own.
(People who share a common direction and sense of
community get where they are going more quickly and easily
because they are traveling on one another’s thrust.)
Forum Marketing
Brought to you by:
The Retirement Planning Store, Inc.
What is a Forum?
• A forum, or message board, is an online
discussion site where people can hold
conversations in the form of posted
What is Forum Marketing?
Forum marketing is a powerful way of letting
consumers know about a given product or
website without spamming.
Which in return will generate a steady
stream of leads!
What is a Signature?
• A forum signature is a block of
information automatically appended
at the bottom of each forum post.
Anybody can Forum Market!
Without joining the Retirement Planning Store
Forum Marketing membership plan, an agent
can create their own landing page and join many
forums and make many posts every month and
see results!
Leads will come in sporadic, and
all over the United States.
That is Why…
Joining the Retirement Planning Store
Forum Marketing membership plan
makes sense!
The Power of Many
By joining the Retirement Planning Store
Forum Marketing Membership plan an
agent can enjoy the benefits of belonging
to a large group of agents with the same
goal in mind. Driving organic traffic to ONE
landing page!
What does Retirement Planning Store do?
1. We work with your web developer in the
creation of a Lead Generating landing page.
2. We provide up to 10 forum profiles fully set
up “signature” in place
3. Monitor agent forum accounts to make sure
that each agent is living up to their duties.
What kind of Leads are you
Basically, we can generate any type of lead you want.
Here are a few that we are currently generating leads for.
Indexed Universal Life
Social Security Maximization / Annuity
Single Premium Life
Medicare Supplement
Imagine the amount of traffic that could be
generated if 100 or more agents came
together as a co-operative.
Lead Quality
What will be the quality of the leads?
The Best!
The leads are people that have requested
Free Information just the same as a
direct mail piece.
This is a sample lead
Phone Number
Your Current Age is"
At what age did you start taking Social Security
When do you plan to start Social Security
Will you work once Social Security benefits start?
Spouses Current Age is:
At what age did your Spouse start taking Social Security
When does your Spouse plan to start Social Security
Will you Spouse work once Social Security benefits start?
What is the Value of your Home?
What is your family's annual income?
Thomas R.
145 Main St.
Hot Springs Village
501 - 922 - 0000
Already Taking
Under $100,000
Below $50,000
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Outliving our money
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Being Dependent on children or relatives
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Investment Losses
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Major Health problems
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Having to go to the nursing home
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Losing our home
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Using all our money & leaving none
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Having to continue working
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Inflation
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Medical costs
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Taxes
Our Biggest concerns about retirement are (pick 3).Social Security Running out
The money you've saved for retirement is:
Under $100,000
How much do you owe on your house?
Under $50,000
Please Choose.No Thank you! I just want the Free Guide.
Your Home Value
IP Address
Lead Distribution
How will the leads be distributed?
Closest agentto the lead.
What does it cost an agent to join?
First month set up fee is $20
Monthly is $20
What if?
An agent wants to be a member and
receive leads but doesn’t have time to
make the posts?
We will do the posting on your
behalf for an additional fee.
First Month set up fee $20
Monthly Fee $30
Agent Responsibilities
To qualify for leads on a monthly basis,
agents must post at least 25 times in
the forums registered to them every
Everyone Participates
How will we be able to make sure everyone is participating and
making their posts?
We don’t give away all of our secrets, but trust me
the information is easily just a few key strokes away.
What should you do first?
• Create a compelling profile
• A good profile can help you establish credibility on the forum.
Provide a solid description of your expertise and experience. Feel
free to add in a couple of personal tidbits to humanize your profile.
Information like your hometown, your pet's name, or your favorite
sports team are good ways to break the ice. Stay away from sharing
potentially polarizing information such as political or religious
• Provide contact information so other users can get in touch with
you if they are interested in learning more about your business. A
lot of spammers and identity thieves search through forums for
personal information. Therefore, you should only share information
you wouldn't mind being made public, such as a throwaway
Then what?
• Introduce yourself
• Many forums encourage new users to introduce themselves to the
community by making an introductory post. This is usually done in
threads especially designated for welcoming new members. These
threads are usually called some variation of "Say Hi Here," "How
Did You Find Us," or " New Members Check In Here."
• Your introductory post should include a brief description of your
expertise and an explanation of why you joined the forum. Let the
other users know that your main goal is to contribute to and learn
from the community. Do not make any marketing pitches in your
first post. If you try to sell anything in your first post you will very
likely get banned.
Add Value!
• Make valuable contributions to the community
• This is the key to successful forum marketing. Whenever anyone
asks a question related to your products or services, dazzle them
with incredibly useful answers. These situations are opportunities
to demonstrate your expertise and to generate good will. Backup
your advice with links to trusted sources, and respond to follow up
questions quickly.
• Leave out your sales pitch in the beginning. Any hint of bias in your
initial posts will erase all your hard work. By keeping your answers
objective, the entire community will start thinking of you as a
trusted expert. They will soon start asking you for your
recommendations. When you get direct inquiries for
recommendations you may then safely mention your business
without appearing biased.
Refer a Friend!
For every friend you refer to the
Forum Marketing Co-op lead program,
you will earn 6 months Free
Refer two per year and never pay a
membership fee again!
Organic Traffic
Organic traffic refers to traffic that comes to a
website via unpaid links from other sites such
as search engines, directories, and third party
websites. Organic traffic tends to build over
time in direct correlation to the amount of
topical content on the website and its number
of backlinks from authoritative sites.
Paid Traffic?
Since organic traffic is a bit slower at first
to produce leads, an agent can significantly
increase their flow of leads every month.
With a service called Google Ads
also known as Adwords.
Google Ad Account
As an added service, the Retirement
Planning Store will also set up
Agent Adword accounts for them.
Agent is responsible for
costs of paid traffic.
Retirement Planning Store, Inc.
(309) 696-8905
Dan Hopwood