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The Best Vending Solution
for Your Customers
SnapVend Genesis
Eliminated Freight placing boards at factory
Eliminated Windows CE and Hard Drives
Built next generation web user interface
Web Native machines and application
SnapVend History
Value Proposition
“Give to Get” or “Give to Keep” is upon us!
is the
Lowest Maintenance
Easiest to Install
Lowest Acquisition Cost
Lowest Ownership Cost
Proven Scalability, over 5,000 machines
Easy Lease Financing in place
Good Product Development Path
Service is a Snap.
• Pull Out Trays for easy
Low Cost Maintenance
Bright LED Lights
Configure in a Snap.
Two Types Of Standard
Coil Machines
• SNAP60
60 Coil
• SNAP40
40 Coil - for tight spaces
• Special Configurations right from factory
Choice of
Input Options
Keypad Entry
Mag-Stripe Card Swipe
Bar Code Swipe
Proximity Badge or Fob
Just send us a sample
Choice of Kits
Choice of
SNAPV-18 Door
Varied 3 Size Doors
7-7/8" H X 11-1/4" W
11-1/2" H X 11-1/4" W
22-1/2" H X 11-1/4"W
SNAPV-18 Door
Identical Size Doors
11-1/2" H X 11-1/4" W
(Both are 24” deep)
Choice of Locker Features
• All are brightly lit LED; low power usage
• Add Power to 1 or more Locker Bays
o For Rechargeables (very small cost per bay)
 You decide how many Bays
• Add a Controller Feature to a Locker
o Uses 1 of the 18 Bays
o Make it Self Controlling, connect more Slave Lockers
 Including ability to use ID Cards
 Very small cost
Brand Your Machines
for Great Marketing
SnapVend Superior Benefits
• Faster to get set up
• Bulletproof Reliability
• Lowest Cost
• Fastest learning curve
• Native, web application
• Quick Delivery
• Perfect Fastenal Replacement
Let’s Look at the
Power Behind
The Power of SnapVend ™
is in the Software.
The original Software that launched Fastenal in
the first place.
Robust and Powerful reporting tools that help you
instantly evaluate total cost in real time
Not hundreds of unnecessary reports, but the right
ones you need
SNAPData™ is in the Cloud.
Cloud technology means no hardware to crash or
data to lose.
Safe, Secure and Protected at the VendNovation
Data Warehouse.
Accessible 24/7.
SnapData™ is Local.
Even in the case of a network failure, without access
to the internet, SNAPVend™ continues to Vend.
Transactions are stored in the local cache, awaiting
re-connection. Once connected, the data sync's and
reporting is back online.
Sample - Report Transactions
Sample – Usage Over Time
Sample – Employee List
Sample – Machine Health
Sample – Adjust Inventory
“No one else in the vending space [has] an offering… as
economical as SnapVend while having a proven background
with the software.
SnapVend introduces a total cost to implement and service
that hasn´t previously been available. They have also
created a simple model that is really oriented toward guiding
companies that aren´t vending experts and probably don´t
want to be.”
Brent Scott, Martin Industrial Supply
Just wanted to give you guys a pat on the back. We have
been involved with industrial vending since the late 90´s
and I have had to do every single install.
Today I had 2 outside sales people bring their own
machines on-line. This was the first time they have ever
done this. I was a little nervous, but everything went off
as planned. Even my sales guys were amazed how
flawless the setup is.
You guys have done a great job making this software
very easy to use and understand. We look forward to
placing many more of your machines in the near future.
Thanks again.”
Scott Latham, Oliver Van Horn
Here at Action Industrials we recently won a large
account. Many vendors were included in the accounts
screen process including all of the big 3.
Action Industial and Grainger were selected as the two
finalist to look at more closely. SnapVend's solution allowed
us to withstand the competition to get into the final group.
Next an indepth look at the SnapVend system went on in
comparison to Grainger's. Here Snapvend was a very
valuable part of the sales process as they were conferenced
in on sales calls asking questions ranging from features to IT
requirements. Those questions were answered on the
phone as well as custom podcast developed to address any
points brought up.
In the end we won and SnapVend and Vendnovation were
key to that victory.“
Action Industrial Supply
Benefits of Vending as a
Know the Math
Calculate your annual cost to serve per account:
$800 Machine Depreciation/lease cost
$0/$500 web subscription
$? Weekly Service
Factor in some reduced work--no stockouts, fewer emergencies, imported orders into
ERP, stickiness of account.
Calculate your incremental GP dollars with a Give to Get model at $2000 increased
account spend/month target.
$24,000 at 30%=$7200 new GP.
Customer Math
Customer saves 30% or more from Day 1, due to elimination of Shrink on Vended
Customer saves downtime for many minute walk across the factory floor, coffee &
Workers spend more time on the job.
Where you stock and manage the machine, customer saves in crib costs reduction
Automated Ordering means Customer saves there
Alerts of low levels of supplies saves customer from running out of product
And that saves time reordering and waiting for longer multiple deliveries
Customer saves time and money because Job Costs are tracked and accounted for
And more…
Win with Service, Value and Flexibility
Flex to give keys and access to the machine
Flex by allowing to put other franchise product in
Deliver better and more impressive service than the kid
in the local Fastenal branch
Expose them on high margin price gouging
Knock them out with Easy plug and play; no contract,
replacement of Fastenal machines
Take Pictures of their layout, print reports, you’re ready
in a few hours with a replacement
Get an inside champion, give training, incentive to one
who is willing to try a few
SnapChoice 1, you own product and sell as it vends
SnapChoice 2, sell product, you stock & manage
Snapchoice 3, sell product, they stock and manage
Provides Data Management & Reporting
While Awaiting Delivery
• Send Tool Startup File to Gary
- Org/Address/Site of Machine
- Employee List
- Master Product List
• When Machines Arrive, arrange
Install/Training date and time w/ Gary
After Training
• Trade out coils in any row with
conversion parts for 3 sets of Dual #6
• Test variety of products in machines
This provides excellent training
• Evaluate various reports
• Questions to Gary
Get Organized
Division of Labor
Decide who will:
• Learn the Hardware
• Learn the Software; Settings, Reports, Alerts
• Learn “What will vend” and “How”
• Take Alerts, In House Support
• Process Reorders
• Restock Machines
• Liaise between Customers and SnapVend
* Match Skills with Duties
Thank you all for attending
Any further questions can be posed now
or you can contact [email protected]
Or 1-800-581-7095