Solar Substrate Separation Process

Solar Substrate Separator, S3
Solar Substrate Separation
Equipment for separation of post wire saw
substrate for delivery to batch processing or
in-line solar substrate processing systems
Manual Separation:
 Labor intensive
 Ergonomic and repetitive motion concerns
 High wafer breakage rate
Other Automated Separation Methods:
 Large foot print
 Expensive consumables
 Intolerant of varying wafer thicknesses and geometries
• Operator loads stacks of wet wafers onto a
horizontal stack
• As more material is added, the stack drops
down into the equipment
• When the loading is completed, the tool lid
is closed, and automated separation
• The System gently separates the stack of
wafers using a water jet enabling the top wafer
to be removed from the stack.
• Wafer is then delivered to conveyor delivery
system for loading into cassettes or in-line
• Wafer separation is a gentle process that has a
low breakage rate
Peak single head separation throughput
1200 Wafers Per Hour
Wafer Sizes
125X125, 156X156, 210X210 Pseudo and square
160 Micron and thicker – Tolerant of varying wafer
Facilities Requirements
100~230 VAC 50/60 Hz, Less than 15 Amps
10 L/hour water
Compressed Air ¼” supply @ 80 PSI
Wafer Handling
Wafers can be kept wet or dry
Wafer Breakage Rate
Single head separation footprint
21” Wide X 32” Long X 48” Tall excluding controls
cabinet and substrate handling conveyor system
Inexpensive urethane wear surfaces that are
easily replaced
Equipment Interface
Supports in-line and batch processes
Automatic Cassette Loading:
 Automated loading of multiple cassettes
 Linear option
 Rotary option (shown in slides)
Wet Separation:
 Water is introduced to separate the stack of wafers
 This process is illustrated below
Vacuum Belt Concept:
 After the stack is sufficiently separated, a vacuum belt
gently lifts the top wafer to carry it to the loading belt
Wafer Loading:
 Wafers are then loaded into cassettes, as shown in the
beginning of the presentation
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