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Structuring Your Body
• Body paragraphs are the heart of your essay:
this is where you really prove your main point
or thesis. Your body paragraph should be
arranged like this…
1. Topic Sentence
2. Supporting Details
3. Concluding Sentence
Topic Sentences
A good topic sentence can improve an essay’s
readability and organization. They meet the
following criteria…
1. A topic sentence is the first sentence of the
2. Each topic sentence relates to one aspect of
your thesis statement.
3. Your topic sentence introduces the main idea of
the paragraph
4. Your topic sentence links the subject of your
present paragraph to that of the previous one
Supporting Details
• These are your examples, facts, and quotes to
support your topic sentence and therefore
your thesis. These are the little details that
make up your argument.
Concluding Sentence
• Wrap up the paragraph by restating your main
point in different words.
Lead: “An intermittent and remittent bilious fever.”
Context (background info): That is how doctor’s
described the yellow fever epidemic that broke out in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1793. 5,000 people were
listed in the register of deaths between August 1 and
November 9, making the epidemic one of the most
severe in United States’ history. Given the limited
resources and knowledge of the times, American
doctors and French doctors had conflicting theories on
the cause, cure, and treatment of yellow fever.
Thesis: The French doctor’s treatment of yellow fever
were more effective than those of the American
Body Paragraph 1
Transition: To begin with,
Topic Sentence: French doctors had more experience with
the yellow fever virus.
Supporting Details: In 1741, yellow fever ravaged the
West Indies, an island under French control. The
French were dying at a rate of 30 to 50 per day. During
the epidemic in Philadelphia, the government hired
Jean Deveze, a French doctor because of his experience
treating yellow fever in Saint-Domingue, now Haiti. His
treatment consisted of rest, fresh air and plenty of
water. Although only 50 % of his patents recovered,
this was much higher than Dr. Bush’s, the American
doctor, mortality rate.
Concluding statement: This was mainly due to his
previous experience with this deadly disease.
Colorado has many incredible and beautiful sights. One of the best
things to see in Colorado are the Rocky Mountains. Rocky
Mountain National Park, in Estes Park, is a great example of
this. Rocky Mountain National Park has everything a nature lover
could want: from gorgeous waterfalls to towering mountains,
incredible Aspen trees and wildlife ranging from elk to bears and
mountain lions. The fourteeners are also an amazing site. These
are mountains higher than 14,000 feet. Two to check out include
Longs Peak and Mt. Evans: whether viewing them from the
bottom or the top, you will not be disappointed. Another
incredible view is the Denver Skyline. The buildings look beautiful
against the mountain backdrop all times of the day. In the
morning, the sun makes them sparkle orange. At night, the lights
in the building shine against the black of night. The capitol
building is a work of art and a must see. The dome on top is gold
and glistens as the sun hits it. At night, the capitol can be seen
frm far off as it lights up. The architecture is stunning and
features many intricate parts and columns representative of
Roman culture. Colorado is a beautiful state with more stunning
sights than you could ever discover.
America is football crazy. During the regular season,
Americans spend a good portion of their weekends,
and weekday nights, watching football. Saturdays are
for college football and in any big city, you can see
people parading around downtown, with college
football jerseys, visiting the local sports bars. On
Sundays, NFL hits the televisions across the nation,
grabbing the attention of many a watchful eye. The
Superbowl is one of the biggest events during the year
in America. People plan elaborate parties to watch this
huge event. It is almost a national holiday in the fact
that people, friends and family, get together, eat and
watch the big game. Advertisers spend millions of
dollars making new commercials and buying time slots
to advertise during this heavily viewed game. Football
pumps through America's veins, focusing time, money,
dedication and allegiances into Americans lives.
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