Goal Essay


Goal Essay

Stars: Dreams & Aspirations

• Brainstorm goals for your future: – What are your goals for this class? – What are your goals for your freshmen year?

– What dreams do you have for your future?

– What do you want to do when you graduate high school? – What type of career do you see for yourself?

– What other dreams do you have?

• Choose one goal for your essay

Mountains: Obstacles of life

• Brainstorm three to five obstacles in the way of each of your goals: • personal • • family and friend economic • • emotional academic struggles

Path: How do I get there?

Think back to your goal. • What are specific


things that you will need to do to accomplish this goal?

• What are some


things about yourself that you can improve upon to help you reach your goal?

• What


qualities do you want to strengthen within yourself or obtain?

• Self confidence Risk-taking Self-motivation Challenge Flexibility Toughness Self Disciplined Empowered Reflective Communication Enthusiasm Courage Focus Kind Commitment Creative Optimism Patient Opportunistic Honesty Respectful Empathetic Time Management Organized Proactive Team player Acceptance Resourceful Asking for help Persistent

Content of body paragraphs

• Paragraphs should start with a strong topic sentence that introduces the


of the paragraph • Introduction– write about your


– your


in life • Paragraph one – write about one


– the


that might stand in your way and the what

tactics path

– will you use to get over the obstacles and what

personal characteristics

will you need to reach your goals • Paragraph two – write about the second mountain and path • Paragraph three – write about the third mountain and path • Conclusion – wrap up your thoughts in a memorable way

Paragraph expectations

• 5-8 sentences per paragraph • Include strong topic sentences • Write complete sentences. Avoid fragments and run-ons.

• Use descriptive words and specific examples • Proofread and spell check for grammar, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling errors

Goal Essay Formatting

• Five paragraphs long • Typed in 12 pt Times New Roman • Double space the whole essay • One inch margins • Indent the first line of each paragraph • Center the title • Header at the top left – all double spaced – Student Name – Teacher’s Name – Honors English 9 – Due Date

Due Dates

• Rough draft due on Tuesday, Aug. 27 th the beginning of class at • Self edit on Tuesday, August 27 th at the end of the period • Final copy due on Wednesday, August 28 th • Presentations of puppets and essay on Thursday, August 29th