Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner

Interline Unified Power Quality Conditioner
Guided by
Mr.P. Naresh
Presented by
Siddhartha Dakua
Priyanka Panda
Ansuman Mahapatra
Chetan Nayak
Shyamalendu Mahapatro
Overview of FACTS
Structure of IUPQC controller
Typical IUPQC connected in distribution system
Function of D-STATCOM
Function of DVR
Schematic structure of VSC
Simulink model without UPQC
Simulation results of voltage and current
Pwm technique
 The Objective of this Project is to improve the Power Quality
of feeders in a distribution system by using IUPQC.
 To enhance the power transfer capability in an existing feeder.
 To change power flow under dynamic conditions.
Overview of FACTS
 FACTS controllers can be classified as
Variable impedance type
Voltage Source Converter (VSC) based.
 The variable impedance type controllers
SVC(Static VAR compensator)
TCSC(Thyristor controlled series compensator)
TCPST(Thyristor controlled phase shift transformer)
 The VSC based FACTS controllers
STATCOM(Static synchronous compensator)
DVR(Dynamic voltage restorer)
SSSC(Static synchronous series compensator)
IPFC(Interline power flow controller)
UPFC(Unified power flow contoller)
UPQC(Unified power quality conditioner)
Shunt connected STATCOM
Series connected SSSC
Shunt and Series
connected UPFC
Structure of IUPQC Controller
Typical IUPQC connected in a distribution
Functions of D-STATCOM
Function of DVR
Schematic Structure of VSC
Simulink model of distribution
system without IUPQC
Simulink model of Unbalanced Load L-11
Simulation result of voltage across unbalanced load L-11
Simulink model of Non-linear Load L-12
Simulation result of voltage across non-linear load L-12
Simulation result of current across unbalanced load L-11
Simulation result of current across non-linear load L-12
Pulse width modulation
Simulink model of PWM technique
Designing of VSC 1
Designing of VSC 2
Results with IUPQC
Voltage sag in Feeder 1 with IUPQC
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