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BGAN Link Presentation
Proposition Development, Enterprise
28th March 2014
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BGAN Link introduction
BGAN Link Global Plan
BGAN Link Unlimited Geographic Plan
Hughes 9502 terminals for BGAN Link
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Broadband services: BGAN Link
A compelling alternative to VSAT
Offers a compelling alternative to VSAT at
similar price points, i.e. in low dedicated
bandwidth offerings (eg. <512kbps) and
lowly-contended shared bandwidth platforms
Quick and easy to deploy – plug and play
Reliable network, L-band resiliency
Low power requirements
Low installation, service and support costs
Reduced licensing and regulatory implications
Service activation is subject to approval based
on your intended terminal location. Contact us
for more information.
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BGAN Link features
Provides a competitive alternative to fixed satellite alternatives like Ku
Includes Global plans available anywhere and Geographic plans
available in select regions
Provides a high usage allowance for background IP traffic – other
services are billed at normal rates
SAC-C is employed to manage usage and prevent bill shock
Fixed terminal location can be changed up to four times per year
Restricted, non-chargeable mobility within predefined geographic radius
will be considered for specific sectors
Mining, construction, oil and gas exploration and humanitarian camps
Fair use policy applies to all users
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Global plan
3 and 12 month subscriptions
5 GB – 10 GB – 15GB – 30GB
SAC-C is optional
Lower in-bundle per MB price for the larger volume commitment
Overage for background IP rate charged at the in-bundle rate
Traffic is subject to standard prioritization
Class 1 terminals only
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Geographic plan
Introduction of new “unlimited” geo plan
Geographic “unlimited” plan with 30GB with FUP and mandatory SAC-C
Simple proposition and benchmarks well against VSAT
Large data allowance
Cost predictability – flat fee
Value for money
Differential pricing for Class 1 versus Class 2 terminals
Slight premium charged for 3 month plans compared with 12 months
Service will be sold as a “best effort” service with the ability of
Inmarsat to lower the priority of the BGAN Link traffic if congestion
Mandatory application of SAC-C
Throughput is throttled back as the cap is approached
• DPs/customers will be notified when their service is approaching the cap
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Geographic plan
Availability of the “unlimited” plans
LatAm region –South American Region including Mexico but
excluding Cuba
Sub Sahara region – All African Countries excluding Morocco,
Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Tunisia and Western
Australia and New Zealand
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan,
Moldova, Mongolia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan,
Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan
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Information Required for BGAN Link
Information required to process BGAN Link applications
• Number of SIMs
• Global plan
5 / 10 / 15 / 30GB
SAC-C or no SAC-C
• Unlimited Geo plan
Class 1 or Class 2
• 3 month / 12 months term
• GPS co-ordinates + radius (if required)
• Migration from BGAN or new user
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BGAN M2M terminal for BGAN Link
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Hughes 9502 terminals for BGAN Link
The Hughes 9502 BGAN M2M terminal has been approved
for use with regular BGAN SIMs and therefore with BGAN
and BGAN Link airtime plans
Request activation code from Hughes or DP
Benefits of using the 9502 terminals are significant:
9502 form factor is designed for extended outdoor installations
Designed for low power consumption and for use with solar and
battery power
Both one piece and two piece form factors available
Certified for C1D2 environment (Oil and Gas certification)
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Thank you
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