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Ecology Project Diorama
Temperate Deciduous Forest-side view
Temperate Deciduous Forest – Top view
Temperate Deciduous Forest – detailed view
Grasslands – side view
Grasslands – top view
Grasslands – detailed view
Grasslands – detailed view 2
Boreal Forest – side view
Included temperature by putting a thermometer on the side of the box.
Boreal Forest – top view
Boreal Forest – detailed view
Boreal Forest – detailed view
Tundra – side view
Tundra – top view
Tried to show that tundra has period of all sun and periods of all dark.
Tundra – top view inside
Tundra – detailed view
Colored spots on the “snow” were meant to show lichens and bacteria.
Tundra – detailed view
Desert – side view
Desert – top view
Desert – detailed view
Desert – detailed view
Desert – detailed view
Tropical Rainforest – side view
Notice the flashlight for sunlight.
Tropical Rainforest – top view
Notice the pull out at the bottom to show the soil creatures.
Tropical Rainforest – detailed view
Notice the background paper.
Tropical Rainforest – detailed view
Coniferous Forest/Boreal Forest/ Taiga Biome
Desert Biome
Grassland biome
Showing the sky.
Grassland Biome
Showing the desert like conditions of the savannah.
Grassland biome
Showing the tall grass prairie.
Grassland biome
Showing the savannah.
Grassland Biome
Showing the entire diorama.
Rainforest Biome
Close up of vegetation = live plants.
Rainforest Biome
Put animal pictures on toothpicks and had a dish of water to make
condensation when the lid was on.
Rainforest Biome
Entire diorama
Temperate Biome
How they showed abiotic factors like sunlight.
Temperate Forest Biome
They showed the different seasons.
Temperate forest biome
Fall and winter to the right.
Tundra Biome
Cotton ball as snow with play-doh as water. Used modeling clay to make
some of the animals.
Tundra biome
Blue swirls = wind and yellow = sun.
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