Wonders of the World

Mr. Young’s Class
It is a second grade class in
McKinney, TX. It is great because they
use lots of technology.
Golden gate bridge
It is a bridge.
It is in San Francisco.
It is the opening of the san Francisco bay into the pacific ocean as part
of both us rounds.
The great barrier reef
The great barrier is a reef in
Australia. It is the awesomest because
it is the largest reef in the world.
Hoover Dam
The Hoover dam is Leaked at Arizona
the big Hoover dam can fill up to
100/feet or200/feet
Mount Everest
It is a Mountain in Nepal,
India. It is cool because it
is 29,036 feet tall.
Golden gate bridge.
is a bridge.
It is in san Francisco.
the opening of the san Francisco bay into the pacific ocean as part
Of both us rounds.
The Parthenon is a building. It is in
Greece. It is awesome because it is so
Victoria Falls
a big water fall in Africa and it is great
because its’ great water fall
Leaning tower of Pisa
The leaning tower of Pisa is a place in
Italy. It is 186.02 feet tall.
What is it a big building where is it in
Greece why so awesome the columns
were made of pentelic marble.
The stone henge is a rock formation.
In whit shire englend. It is great
because it is famas.
Mount Everest
Mount Everest is the biggest
mountain in the world.
It is amazing! It is located
in China
Victoria Falls
Victoria falls is a big waterfall in
Zimbabwe. It is great because it is one
mile wide [1.7km] and 360 feet high
and [180 meters]
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